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Kaydence's POV

"This is the one you want?" I asked Dior. We were out looking at Rovers. I wanted to get this over with before hitting the lick for boss because anything could go wrong.

"Yes." I could see happiness written all over her face as we looked over the range.

"You might gain a lot of new friends now. Fake ones. Know the difference between people who are using you and people who are actually your friends."

"I know Kaydence." Dior said, getting tired of me telling her about friends. I paid the car off, got the insurance straight and we left.

"Ma's about to have you running errands like she did me when I got my first car." We both laughed.

"I'm ready for it." She smiled, looking just like my dad.

"Are you satisfied for now? Anything else you been wanting?"

"Nope. I'm good, thank you so much. How's your arm?"

I took a bite out of my burger before answering. We were at a burger bistro on Marshall cause a nigga was starving. "My arm is perfectly fine. I forgot I got shot to be honest."

"But anyway, I know you're talking to a lil nigga, when Ima meet him?" Her facial expression changed.

"I don't like boys Kaydence."

I damn near choked on my burger. "For real!?"

She laughed, "Yes Kaydence, you can meet my girlfriend if you'd like." This was great news.

"Wait, so you mean to tell me that I don't have to worry about my sister having sex with a nigga?"

"Yes!" We both laughed. Hell, I was happy.


"You take the back, I take the front, OJ come in behind me." I whispered before entering the small house, you could almost tell that it was a trap by how messy the yard was. Clearly, these niggas aren't put together right .

I kicked the front door in and aimed my gun at a short female who was sitting on the couch watching tv. Fright was written all over her face. "Don't fucking move!"

OJ ran into one of the two rooms, checking for anyone else.

"Where's the money and where dem niggas?" She looked up at me, scared. "They went out some where, I'm here alone. I don't know where anything is... I'm new."

"And what do you do? Fuck every nigga?" Her facial expression changed, "No, asshole.. I bag rocks because I have a one year old son to take care of... You wanna kill me, go ahead. Don't have a fucking tool aimed to my head talking shit, nigga."

"Yo, I don't see shit but like $5k in here." Dontae walked towards us, "You gone kill her ass or what?" He asked and at the same time, a car door was closing outside.

"That's Dre.. He's the cool one." She said, I chuckled, "He's the dead one."

He opened the door, curious as to why the handle was knocked off. I aimed my gun at him and watched as he put his hands up in surrender. I could tell he was a bitch.

"Woah, what the fuck is this? Is this a fucking set up?"

"Nah bitch, where's the money?"

"Just kill me bro." I smirked and pulled the trigger. I have 0 tolerance for bitch ass niggas. I turned back to the girl after seeing his brain splattered over the carpet. She was freaking out.

"Look, I don't know where anything is up in this house! I swear on my moth-"

"Jackpot!" OJ walked out of one of the rooms with two MCM bags.

"You can stay here, let these niggas kill you because they think you robbed em or come with us. Your choice." She was still shocked over me killing the nigga.

"Hello bitch.. What you gone do?" OJ asked.

She got up and walked towards the door. "Lord, be with me." I heard her whisper.

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