Torture Pt. 1

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Christian's POV

KD was in the living room of the empty house fiddling with shit in a toolbox. There was a chair in the middle of the floor causing my heart to speed up.

"Chill out girl, I ain't finna fuck with you.. trust me, it ain't you." He dropped the hammer back in the box.

"Then what the fuck is this?"

"Listen Christian, Dontae finna come in here. I don't want you to panic but he's about to die." He said calmly.

"And where do I come in?"

"I need you to sit yo ass on that porch and make sure nobody comes. I'm doing this shit the dumb way but I need this shit done." This nigga was demanding as hell but I knew he was serious and about his business.

"Look, watch how the fuck you talk to me KD. I'm not a child!" I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms across my chest. "Aight man, damn. Just do what I say after we get him in here." He walked off into the kitchen area.

I knew this shit was finna be petrifying for Dontae since it was coming from KD. I watched him shoot Dre in the head a few weeks ago and he ain't even do shit, that was still haunting me.

I was standing in the middle of the floor, waiting, when the front door opened. OJ walked in with Dontae behind him.

"What the hell? Who we finna kill?" Dontae asked, looking at me. I ignored him and walked outside to do my job. I didn't want to see shit that went on up in there.

Kaydence's POV

I could hear Dontae talking and I knew it was time. I wasn't nervous or scared at all. This is what I do.

"Nigga sit yo stupid ass down!" I yelled from the kitchen. I loaded my Ruger and walked into the living room to see OJ and him. He had a confused but scared look on his face.

"Sit the fuck down!" I yelled again and he walked towards the chair. I grabbed the 3 pairs of handcuffs that I had and cuffed him to the chair and then I cuffed his hands behind him.

"Man, what the fuck is this KD?"

"Bitch, it's what you made it. I thought we were brothers nigga, and you crossed me to the point where I gotta take your life." I said sternly.

"Look man, let me explai-"

"Ion wanna hear shit you gotta say!" This shit hurt me. Dontae been my nigga since I was a youngin and now I was finna take his life. OJ stood there in shock as I walked towards the toolbox. I was gon make this nigga wish he was dead before I killed him.

"Please don't kill me bro! What about my mama?" This punk ass nigga was crying by now and honestly I didn't give a fuck. Fuck him and his mama. I meandered towards him with the pliers in hand.

"You've known me for years Dontae and you know I don't fuck around with snakes.. you turned out to be one."

"Fuck you! Just kill me." I took my gun and slapped it across his face, sure to break his nose. Blood splattered on my t-shirt, good thing it was black.

"Fuck me? After all I done did for yo grimey ass nigga? Remember when yo mama put you out and my mama took you in? I put clothes on your back, slept on the fucking couch and let you have my bedroom but it's fuck me?" I did a lot of shit for this nigga, that was just one thing. I had a list of shit.

"FUCK!" Go ahead and kill me KD, no need to bring up memori-" Christian stormed in. "Three dudes are coming in this direction." I dropped the pliers, handed my gun to OJ and walked towards the door. I knew who it was.

Dontae's POV

I was fucked. OJ helped set me up, Christian was being a fucking lookout and this shit wasn't gonna end good. I knew I was gon die but all I could think about was my mama. Lord knows what would happen once she finds out that I'm dead but this nigga ain't give a fuck.

I was now in the house alone with the three unfamiliar faces. I ain't know these motherfuckers from a can of paint but it was obvious that KD had hired them.

"What the fuck you lookin at?" I spat at the tall, skinny one. This nigga was watching me like a hawk and I ain't like that. He walked towards me and stood over me.

"Don't get jazzy with me nigga, I ain't the one who gon' kill you." I didn't give a damn who was killing me, quite frankly I just wish they'd hurry up.

The short, chubby guy's phone rung and he grinned at what the person on the other line was saying. "I'm on it." He walked towards the toolbox and grabbed the pliers.

"He told me to pluck all 32 of your teeth out. You ready?" He grinned evilly at me.

"Man fuck all dis shit, just kill me!" He backhanded me and I got dizzy. Seconds later I felt my two top front teeth being yanked from my mouth. The pain was agonizing. Tears welled down my face and in walked OJ.

"God damn, I can't watch this shit. Hell no!" He headed back out, chucking up the deuces. If I could get ahold to his little ass I'd ring his neck. My gums throbbed as blood rushed from my mouth. This shit was too much to handle.

"Aye, hold on.. y'all step out real quick. Let me talk to him." KD walked in and said.

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