Deal Gone Wrong

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Kaydence's POV

"Ho, get out!" I rolled over to face the thot that I had over for the night. It was 10am and she was still here. I didn't play that and she knew it. "You want me to walk?"

"What you think? I'm not taking you, do I look like a taxi driver?"

She rolled her eyes at me, "Asshole." I ignored her and went into my adjoined bathroom.

I took a quick 15 minute shower and got dressed in something quick, grabbing my Promethazine off of my dresser before walking downstairs. "Why the fuck are you still here?" This bitch was sitting down on my couch on her phone.

"I'm not walking, your driver said that he would take me home."

"He's not taking you anywhere, get out!" I yanked her up by her hair and dragged her through the foyer and onto the porch, "You're such an asshole.. I can't stand you!" She yelled as I slammed the door in her face.

When people thought of me they thought of that heartbreaking ass light skinned boy that's in HLW, and I didn't mind that either, it was true. I was a heart breaker and I didn't give a fuck about any females except for my daughter, mama, and little sister, that's just how it was with me.

I walked into my kitchen and poured the cough syrup into a 2 liter of sprite, turning the bottle upside down when my phone started ringing. It was my boss, Marvin.


"Transaction at the warehouse, 2:00. Be there."


"Whatever happens is on you. Eyes open nigga."

"Is it those MPR niggas again?" I asked him while pouring the lean into a styrofoam cup.


"Bye man." I said now irritated. He knew how I felt about those niggas.

"Don't play with me KD if you want me to put you in a higher position, do it."

"1." I hung up . I wanted a higher position but damn, it wasn't worth losing my life over.

I finished my cup before walking back upstairs to change my clothes again. I decided on a black tee, a pair of dark robin jeans, and the ferrari 14s. I added some extras, a Louie Vuitton belt, a necklace that I got custom made by the best jeweler in Baltimore, and my diamond cut bottom grillz. It's been a while since I wore this thing.

After getting dressed, I grabbed my iPhone and my trap phone, heading back downstairs. I decided to drive my Porshe today.

As I was pulling out of my garage I got a call from that annoying ass baby mama of mine. It seemed like everybody wanted to get on my nerves early this morning.

"What?" I answered.

"When are you coming to get your child?" I wanted to hang up in her damn face.

"I'll come get her tonight." I said annoyed as hell now.

"And leave her some money."

"Bye Ayriel." I couldn't stand this girl, she was a dirty bitch but I could never turn against her though, we had a child to raise. She did me so wrong in the past and a nigga was still grieving, to be honest. After riding for a good 15 minutes I turned in the direction of the trap and pulled into the driveway.

"What's good KD?" Dontae dapped me up as I walked into the kitchen. This was like my bestfriend, my brother. He never switched up on a nigga.

"Where Marvin at? That mother fucker always want ME to make transactions." I said, pointing to myself.

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