Check Up

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Daniella's POV

Wesley had been gone every night when I got off of work which was fine by me. If I ever catch him cheating, I'm leaving. No questions asked. And even if he wasn't, I would tell him about Kaydence and I very soon.

My parents liked Wesley but my little brother hated him and I didn't know why but I would go by to see them on my next day off, I missed them.

I walked into my house and threw my Brahmin bag on the couch before going upstairs to my room. I hadn't talked to Kaydence since he snapped on me the other day and I wasn't gonna text him first, I was not about to kiss his ass no matter how good the dick was.

It was 11pm and I didn't feel like cooking any dinner so I ordered take out from the nearest Chinese restaurant. I ran me a nice warm bath so that I could get ready for bed and kill time.

After a little relaxation I got out and rubbing lotion on my body before I wrapped my pink silk robe around me. I heard my door bell ring and made my way downstairs. Just in time.

After I ate, I went up to my room and slid a pair of panties on. I was never the type of girl who slept in bras, they were so uncomfortable to me. 

I dozed off into a deep sleep and was awakened by the sound of the bathroom door closing. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand and it read 4:47 AM. This dirty ass motherfucker was just now getting home. I had something for that, it was all good.

I pretended to be asleep so I could see what he was gonna do.

He tried to slide into the bed lightly, trying not to wake me up. He tried wrapping his arms around me but I cut that short.

"Wesley you really think it's okay to try and lay up under me after being with another woman?!" I got up, walking to my drawer to grab a tank top.

"You must've lost your fucking mind! If you aren't happy, leave!" I turned the room light on. He really had me all types of fucked up.

"Dani, what the hell are you talking about? I would never be with another woman, baby." He was a terrible liar if I had ever seen one.

"You don't have to lie to me but you better get your filthy ass out of my bed, that's what you have to do!" I pulled the covers off of him. I wanted him OUT!

I changed my sheets after kicking him out and got back in bed. I had a few hours to try and get some rest and then I had to get right back up for work. This was my last 12 hour shift and then I would be off for the rest of the week. What a relief.

Ayriel's POV

Wesley had just left my house and I was just stepping out of my shower. I was only attracted to the money and he knew that. We both understood what we had going on. He was getting ready to marry some nursing bitch and that was fine by me as long as he kept the checks coming.

And besides, I was still trying to get Kaydence back under my wing. That man was everything in one, our great God took his time while creating him. I knew I could get him back too but it would take a little time. Kaydence didn't really care for females but after I do what I have planned for him, he'll fall in love.. I know that for sure.

I went into Karcyn's room to check on her as I always did. My baby was so damn beautiful. She had a few of my features but she favored Kaydence more. I smiled down at her before I kissed her cheek and turned her room light off after making sure that the baby monitor was on.

I laid down and got some sleep. I wanted to get some z's in before paying Kaydence a visit. I knew he missed me although he pretended not to and I missed his ass even more.

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