No Good/Dior

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Daniella's POV

After a long busy twelve hour shift, I was home taking a warm bath. I thought while candles burned and Tink blared through my speaker.

Guilt was eating me alive. I had sex with a stranger and to make matters worse, he was a patient.

"I decided to just head out tonight Babe, I love you." My fiancé, Wesley came into the bathroom. "Love you too." I puckered my lips while he walked towards me and kissed me. "Make sure you get some sleep." He walked out.

Wesley was a great man but I just wasn't happy. I didn't know what it was but I just didn't love him like he loved me and I didn't know how to tell him.

2:30 pm/Next day

I got some good sleep last night and to get my mind off of things I decided to go out and treat myself. To what? I don't know.

I made myself breakfast and then headed out.

First I went to get my nails, toes, and eyebrows done. It was some much needed pampering.

I did almost everything alone because after college I tended to stay to myself more, I was a loner. I wasn't really the type of person to have a huge group of friends or anything.. All I really needed was my family.

White Marsh Mall was my next move. I needed some more spring clothes and finally had time to get some.

"Yo??" I heard someone call out. I turned around and it was the guy Kaydence and he wasn't alone.

"How'd I run into you?" I laughed, "who's this little pretty girl?" The baby that he was holding was beautiful and she favored him. A lot. She had big glossy brown eyes and really curly hair that was pulled into a puff ball.

"This is my daughter Karcyn." She looked up at him and tugged on the gold Jesus piece that he was wearing around his neck.

"Are you hungry? Lunch on me." He asked. He didn't wait for an answer so I followed him towards the food court. "What's your name again?"

"Daniella, just call me Dani." I was ashamed. He didn't even know my name but shit, I forgot to tell him.

"Okay Dani, what you wanna eat?"

"I'm not really hungry, I could use a vanilla bean though." He looked at me funny.

"What's that?" I couldn't help but laugh at how confused he was.

"A frappé.. From Starbucks." He didn't say anything, he just headed in the direction of Starbucks.

Just the day after having sex with this fine ass guy, I ran into him at the mall. How weird? I would play with him a little but I knew he no good.

Kaydence POV

"So whats up? How old are you?" I took a bite out of my sub while Karsyn wiggled on my lap. "24." She kept staring at me, she couldn't take her eyes off of a nigga. I knew I was fine and all but damn.

"I'm 22.. I have one child and I'm single..." I said, tryna tell her everything that she needed to know.

"Where's her mom?" I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't keep tabs on her, shorty."

"So... you're raising her alone?" She was nosey as hell but I guessed it was okay to try and get to know a nigga after he laid the pipe down.

"No, I get her frequently. Her mama is crazy." Karcyn was speaking in that baby language and she was loud. "But uh, I'll call you?" I said, more so asking if I could.

"Yeah, call me."

I left the mall after spending no less than $6,000 on my baby girl. Hell yeah, she was spoiled. Did I care? Not at all. I had no problems growing up but I wanted Karcyn's life to be perfect and it was going to be just that.

Since birth, we always went on little shopping sprees. Even though she didn't know what she was getting, I always mad sure she was fresh. Designer everything, just like her daddy.

When I got to the crib I called Marvin to let him know that I wouldn't be at the trap for a few days because I had my daughter with me and then later that night I got a call from Ayriel. She was going to Virginia for some stupid ass "Girls Week." When you have a 10 month old child, you prioritize. Every time I turn around she was doing dumb shit.

I was up until 2am with Karcyn, a nigga was sleepy. While I waited for her to doze off I shot ol girl Dani a text because I forgot to call. It was like she was waiting on me to hit her up because she responded instantly.

10:19am/Next Morning

Karcyn woke me up by trying to dig my eyeballs out. I kissed her before getting up to pee. Having a crawling 10 month old, I had to watch her every move. She didn't stop moving unless she was sleeping. I picked her up after washing my hands and headed downstairs to get us both breakfast.

Sitting on millions I didn't know what to buy man, I wanted a car but I was overdoing it with the whips. I didn't need a house and if I did it would be a smaller one.

I sat thinking for a good 10 minutes and BOOM.. It hit me. I was gonna get lil sis a whip. She was 17 now and I knew she was ready.

I took a shower with Karcyn after we ate and got the both of us dressed.. I had to enjoy the last few moments like this with her because she's getting older.

I put her in a Burberry dress and Burberry sandals. I didn't know how to do her hair like her mama did so I let it hang, holding it back with a Burberry headband.. She was wearing an outfit that could pay somebody's rent and car note.

I had on a Burberry button up, ya know, the ones that these wanna be rich niggas wore and some Balmain jeans with my wheat timbs. We were daddy-daughter twinning. My phone rung while I was snapping a few pictures of us in the mirror. It was Dior.

"Can I see my niece? You're posting her on snapchat so can I see her?"

I laughed, "Yeah, I'll bring her by.. You wanna babysit for a few?"

"Of course."

"Ight, I gotta talk to you about somethin' too."

"What is it?"

"I'm on the way Dior."

I was kinda nervous about buying her a car but shit.. She deserved it. She was a straight A student, she was really into those books, and on her way to college. I had to reward her.

I got Karcyn's stuff ready and then we headed to my moms crib. She wasn't home when I pulled up. I let myself in and Dior was in the kitchen singing her lungs out.

"Leave the singing to the singers yo." She rolled her eyes at me and grabbed Karcyn out of my arms. "Hey TT's baby, I missed you." She walked out of the kitchen with Karcyn, leaving me alone.

"I wanna talk to you about something serious Dior."

"You look so cute Karsie.." She was talking and kissing on Karcyn, paying me no attention but I knew exactly how to stop that.. I ran upstairs to her room.

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