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Dior's POV

"You painted your room again?! Pick a color and stick with it!" Kaydence was in my room being annoying. I hated when he came in here.

"Can you get out? Leave me and my niece alone." He laid back in my bed.

"What kinda car you want?" He asked randomly. "The kind that I can't fucking get." Shit, I wanted a Range Rover.

"What kind nigga?" He asked again.

"A Range Rover. Why?" He took Karcyn from me and kissed all over her face. "Take care of my baby, okay?"

"Bye!" He walked out of my room and I heard him pulling off minutes later. I knew damn well he wasn't gonna buy me a Rover so I had no idea why he asked.

It was just me and my niece now. I missed her so much. It's been like 2 weeks since I seen her.

We were just chilling for a while before my mom came home with pizza. She ended up taking Karcyn away from me for the rest of the night, as usual.

I finished my psychology homework and went to bed. 

10:27 am/ Next Day

"Yooo! Get up!" It was Kaydence's annoying ass.

"What?!" I didn't like people interrupting my sleep. Especially on weekends.

"If you know what I know you better get up." I heard him walk out and after like two minutes I got up and peed.

I slid some socks on and headed downstairs, hearing Karcyn make noise from the kitchen.

Kaydence was sitting at the table with my mom. "Goodmorning." I said and sat at the island.

"You been going to the gym with mama? You need to!" My brother asked. I rolled my eyes at his annoying ass, "I didn't even know she was going to the gym." She laughed at us going back and forth.

"What gym mom?" I asked. She looked in my direction, "U- um, Golds gym." I looked at her suspiciously.

"You had to think about that?" I asked and laughed. "Girl Im getting old. I forget stuff."

We all sat talking and laughing for a while before Kaydence said he had to handle business. I knew what that was about but my mom was still in denial about him selling drugs.

Daniella's POV

I was taking advantage of my days off from work, chilling around. I had one more day to get as much rest as I could. I decided to FaceTime Wesley and make sure all was well with him.

"Hey, babe. I miss you!" He was at the hotel on the balcony. "I miss you too, I'll be home soon love."

He was short talking the entire time, kind of like he didn't want to be talking to me. "Hey baby, I'll call you back! Here's room service." He hung up quickly but before he did, I heard a female's voice. I was far from dumb and I knew that room service knocked first.

I called to check on my mom and then I called Kaydence.

"What up?" His deep voice sent chills down my spine.

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