Unexpected Arrival

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Kaydence's POV


I was awakened by someone banging on my fuckin' door. I grabbed my .9 from off of the table and made my way towards the door.

"BPD, Open up or we're kicking it down!" I ran back to the living room and placed the gun back on the table. My shit was registered but I didn't wanna get shot as soon as I opened the door, that's why I put it back. My heart was racing.

I walked towards the door and opened it. "Get down on the fucking ground! Hands behind your back!"

"Man, what the fuck I did?" I got down on my knees and placed my hands behind my back. The last thing that I needed was to be going to jail, Karcyn's birthday was right around the corner.

"The Killing of Marcus Jamison, sound familiar to you?" The tall white officer placed the cuffs on my wrists and stood me up.

"Fuck." I said a lil below a whisper. There were 4 cop cars out here for my ass. I was fucked, a nigga ain't even have shoes on. Without saying anything I got in the backseat.

"Anything that you say to me can and will be used against you in a cour-" I cut him off, "I know my rights." He closed the door shut.

"Damn Karcyn, I'm so sorry." At this point I needed a miracle because there was no way I was getting away with murder. These dirty motherfuckers might give me the death penalty.

The police got back into the car after talking with the other officers and crunk up, backing out. "Never expected to see you sittin' back there.. We thought you fled the country."

"Man, fuck y'all." I spat at him, not giving a fuck.

"Where's all the hostility coming from? I didn't do anything to you buddy." I ignored this fuck ass nigga. I knew what I had to do.

When we arrived at the station he helped me out of the backseat and we headed in. Shit was so fucked up in my head. I had only been to jail once when I was 18 for a lil petty weed charge and now I was finna go to the pen for fucking murder.

They had took my mugshot, fingerprints, and booked me and now I was in a holding cell along with a few other niggas. Here I was able to make a phone call. I called my mama.

"Oh my god, Kaydence. What the hell have you done?" Were the first words to come out of her mouth.

"They got me for Ayriel's cousin's murder." She broke down on the other end and this crushed my heart into a million pieces. "Ma, I ain't got much time. I need you to do me a favor.. Please."

"What is it baby?"

"I need you to go to the crib, get my phone, the code is 0804, Karcyn's birthday. Go through my contacts and find the name Daniella, that's my girlfriend ma.. I need you to tell her what's up."

"Okay, I love you so much son."

"I love you too." I placed the phone on the hook and walked back to my seat on the concrete bench.

"What you in here for?" Some short light skinned dude asked me. "I ain't even tryna talk about this shit man.. What you in here for?"

"Violating my probation. It's all good."

"Damn, you lucky." I shook my head and directed my attention back to the ceiling. I felt like I had let my mama, Karcyn, Dior, and Dani down. A tear rolled down my cheek as I thought about them.

Daniella's POV

I had just got home from work. Carlos was back home now so I had the house to myself whenever Kaydence wasn't here. My phone started ringing from the pocket of my scrubs and I scrambled to get it while placing my bags down in the foyer.

Kaydence's name ran across the screen and I smiled as I swiped to answer it.

"Hello?" A woman's voice came through the phone. My smile changed to a frown.

"Um, hello? May I ask who's speaking?"

"This is Kaydence's mom, Ms. Celine. He wanted me to call y-" She began crying and from then I knew something was wrong.

"Is, is everything okay?"

"Kaydence is going to prison-- for murder!" She was crying heavily and tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision.

Me and him just had a talk about him leaving the drugs alone and now he's going to prison. Not jail but prison.

I cried out as I dropped to my knees and placed the phone beside me on the floor. I really loved Kaydence, in such little time, he had grown to be a piece of me. I had latched onto him and now he was being taken away from me, for murder. I thought I'd never see him again and this broke every piece of my heart.

Ms. Celine never hung up the phone and I knew she was crying, we were crying together. I was so hurt. I loved him and didn't even have a chance to tell him.

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