First Serves

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Kaydence's POV

Its be been a whole four days since I killed Dontae. They reported him missing, I told his mom I didn't know where he was. There weren't any traces of him; the dogs handled that, and I got his bones taken to the city dump.

For the past few days, I've been spending quality time with my daughter. Right now, she was on the edge of the couch, standing.

"You tryna walk?" I grabbed ahold of her hands and watched her lil feet move with my help. She was making noises when I scooped her up and we headed to the kitchen. My baby was about to be one soon yo.

"Auntie Dior's gonna come over and watch you while I handle some business, so what do you want to eat?" I talked to her like she could understand while browsing through the pantry and cabinets.

"Real food or you want the bottle Karcyn? It's all up to you." She responded with some baby talk and it was the funniest shit in the world. I grabbed her formula and started making her a bottle, soon she'd be eating nothing but solid foods.

Right before I started shaking the bottle the doorbell rung, I knew it was Dior. It was 4:13 and she got out of school not too long ago. I walked towards the door and opened it.

"I hope you got food in here because me and Karcyn will leave if I get hungry."

"Man, I got food in here. Shut up." Our relationship was funny as hell to others but when we talked, we were serious.

"I'll be back around like 8ish." I kissed Karcyn before handing her to Dior.

Carlos' POV

"Ima give you this weed. You get 80% of what you make, I take 20%." This Marvin dude had a ass of rules but money was all that was on my mind.

"I got you."

"Okay. I know how much this product is worth." He said and handed me the pound of weed. This was gon take some getting used to.

"Ay Marv-" KD walked in, toting a Gucci duffle. I had no idea that he was apart of HLW but that explains why he knew all of that street shit.

"Carlos? Fuck you doin here?" He walked over and dapped me up. "Tryna make some money, what the hell you doin here?"

"This is my job." He chuckled.

"Is this who you wanted me to talk to at Elorado?" KD asked.

"Yeah but it's seems to me that you guys already know each other?"

"Soon to be brother in law," He glanced at me and then looked back at Marvin. Once Daniella found out that this nigga was a drug dealer she'd be done with him. I wasn't gonna say anything tho.

"I ain't ask for all that but since that's ya brother in law, show him the code and ethics. Take him to your areas and help him make some money."

"You know I am." He was reaching in the Gucci duffle to give Marvin his cut.

After he finished up there, he headed out and asked me to come with him. I did with no hesitation.

Kaydence's POV

I was gon' help Carlos out but I know not to get close to niggas, not after Dontae crossed me.

"Where we headed?" Carlos asked, hopping in the passenger seat of my Corvette.

"The Eastend, I was supposed to make a few serves over there. Ima let you take em, bag you some .5s real quick. It's a scale in that duffle, put it in your pocket when you finish." I said and started the car, backing out.

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