Crazy BM

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"Which one?" Dontae asked.

"I don't even know her name. I'm sure you saw her. She had the fat ass." His smile quickly changed to a frown.

"What nigga? You know her?" I asked, "Nah, nah. That's wassup tho." He dapped me up and went to get my keys.

"Where moms?" I asked when he came back, "Out." I frowned at him and walked out of the house. He must've been trying to hit her but it is what it is. I wasn't trippin, especially not ova' no bitch.

I needed to clean myself up and get back to the regular, and most importantly get this motherfuckin money. Getting shot could neva stop shit that KD got going on so I made my way to my crib.

When I got there I quickly got in the shower,  washed my hair, brushed my teeth, ya know.. the daily shit.

"Yo, you need anything while i'm out? You good?" My driver asked me, "Nah, thanks tho. I'm about to head out myself." I grabbed my key to the Audi that I recently copped and my phone, heading downstairs.

"Make sure you lockup!" I shouted to my driver. He was cool for now, until he fucked up and I had to blow his fucking brains out or lay him off.

I headed in the direction of trap so I could get to the money that I was itching to get. 2.5 was a lot, a nigga was finna be a millionaire.

"The man I been dying to see! How you feeling?" Marvin was in the front when I walked in. "You know I'm good." I dapped him up and then we headed to the back.

"Alright so how you wanna do this? You want it paid in full or half and half?"

"Can you just put it all in my account? I don't want it in cash." He nodded.

After we finished handling that, I headed to my gold digging ass baby moms house to pick my daughter up. Crazy that this hoe ain't even come check on a nigga.

"Yeah, I'm outside bruh."

"Come up here dumb ass." I hung up in her face and started walking up to her condo. It wasn't one of those ghetto ass complexes. My child would never be living in the slums. Never.

I knocked on the door and she quickly opened it to let me in. Don't get me wrong, the bitch was bad but I felt like she trapped me and on top of that she was grimey as hell.

She had on some short ass shorts and a tank top with no bra so her pierced nipples were visible.

"Wassup man? Where yo clothes at?" She rolled her eyes at me, "Don't worry about my clothes Kaydence." Her ass was tryna seduce me like always. I'm talking about ass and titties just out!

"Okay, go get my daughter so we can.. Ya know." I pointed to the door and she stopped in her tracks, "I wanted to talk to you about something." I huffed. "What now Ayriel?"

"Well, instead of you having to pick Karcyn up.. I was thinking that maybe we could work on moving in together so we can raise her the right way, I want us to be a family." I looked at this bitch like she was crazy, simply because she was.

She already knew what I was about to say so her being her, she pushed me over to the couch. She was always been the type to try and get the best of a nigga.

She started rubbing my dick through my trues. "Look man, I ain't tryna move in with you, like you are crazy! I'd probably beat you the fuck up on the first night."

She ignored everything that I said and continued to make my dick hard. "What you tryna do man? What's up with you?"

"Look, Kaydence. I fucking miss you!"

"I'm not fucking with you yo..." She frowned at me. I wasn't lying when I said her ass was crazy man.

"Please. I miss you, daddy." She started unbuckling my belt. "No, Ayriel. Watch out." I pushed her back and she got up, storming to the back to get Karcyn. I laughed it off. This bitch had serious issues.

She came back out with my baby sleeping peacefully in her arms.

"How long is she supposed to be staying with you?" Now she had an attitude.

"However long, I'll let you know." She rolled her eyes while I placed her in her car seat, grabbed her bags, and headed outside.

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