Call it Quits?

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Carlos' POV

"Wait a minute bro!" KD rolled his car window down, I caught him right before he pulled off. I could tell that the nigga was really pissed.

"What moe? You need some weed?"

"Nah. Let me talk to you real quick."

This shit surprised me that me and him were actually kinda cool after sitting down, smoking, and talking bout real shit.

"What's up?" He put the car in park.

"I know you probably mad at sis but listen man, she really diggin you.. If you let that punk ass nigga get in the way of what y'all got going on, you gon give him exactly what he want. He cheated on her and she cheated on him, they weren't meant for each other."

"I hear you B but ain't nothing going on right now. She was finna marry that weak ass nigga and told me she was single when we met. She lied to me but you know I ain't gone leave for too long, I'll be back soon to blow some smoke witcha." I dapped him up and nodded, walking away.

Dude was actually cool and real as hell. He taught me a ass of street shit in a matter of hours. I was fuckin wit him but not too hard, I'd still fuck him up if he got crazy on my sister.

I walked back into the crib and sat in the living room. I was so ready to start working man, college wasn't my wave so I had to do something to make something shake and drug money seemed to be the easiest way.

But the dude that the plug sent to 'check me out' looked fake as hell so I knew that once I started, I'd stay as far away as possible from him.

Ayriel's POV

"Man listen bruh, I don't give a fuck what happened. Where da fuck this nigga live?" My cousin Marcus popped up at my crib, not giving me time to cover my black eye with makeup.

"Marcus, it's fine! We already handled it." I lied. I knew it would take a lot to calm him down or change his mind about going to find Kaydence but it was worth a try.

"It ain't fine for this nigga to be puttin his hands on you. What the fuck Ayriel?" If he knew what I knew he would understand.

"Marc, I got him handled! It's okay!" He nodded and stormed out.

Everyone knows that Kaydence is crazy and if Marcus runs up on him it won't be pretty. The man doesn't give a shit about a single thing. He damn near killed me earlier, in my own damn house. The nigga even kicked me down his stairs telling me to get out! He is fucking crazy!

I was feeling guilty for what I had done but on the bright side, I might be pregnant and I can't wait to find out! If it turned out that I was and it was a boy, I'd name him after his dad. I was so excited. I knew Kaydence would get over it and be excited as well.

but I couldn't help but think about when he said he was seeing someone else. I wondered who it was and what she looked like but I knew I would find out soon.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door, I was almost sure that it was Marcus again. I got up to open it.


Kaydence's POV

I was home now after leaving Dani's and making a serve ova on West Ave. I was pissed off at her and needed a blunt ASAP.

I just could not shake the thought of her getting ready to marry some bougie Caucasian. I could see if they were just in a relationship and she cheated but ENGAGED? What the fuck. I was getting pissed off just thinking about it. Maybe I wasn't her type and she was just hooked to the D, who knows?

I sat in my living room, smoking and thinking about all of the bullshit that I encountered in the last 48 hours. Shit was crazy, I got drugged by my babymoms, I had to kill my bestfriend behind some bullshit, and then the bitch I'm talking to basically tells me that she was cheating on her fiancé with me!

I hit my blunt and grabbed my phone which had vibrated seconds ago. I looked at it to see a message from Daniella:

If you would just let me explain and stop running away from shit, we'd get somewhere

I shook my head, ignoring her message. Everybody always wanna explain shit to me after shit goes left.

I was gon let her think I was cuttin her off and then pop up on that ass, lay the pipe down, and tell her one more time that we needa do more than just fuck and if it doesn't work Ima call it quits.

Wesley's POV

"Jesus Christ, what happened to your eye?" Ayriel's eye was fucked up and it was quite obvious that someone beat her up.

"Karcyn head butted me." She laughed lightly and stood aside, letting me in.

"I'm sorry about how I treat you Ayriel, I truly am" I lied. I just needed somewhere to lay my head.

"Haha, what happened? Did she leave you?" I sighed and she sat, looking.

"She's seeing someone else." I hated to even talk about it. It was so hard to believe that she moved on so fast and honestly, she downgraded.

"Already?" Ayriel raised an eyebrow.

"Already but it's alright though, I still have you don't I?" I did not want Ayriel but I needed somewhere to lay my head, sure I could've gotten a hotel but I'd probably kill myself if I was alone.

"Of course. I told you to call me when you needed me." She smiled and grabbed my hand. I never knew why I had no feelings towards her, she was the type to ride for her man but I think it was because she'd throw herself at me for sex. Me being a man, I don't mind but I can't see myself being with someone like that. It's kinda hoeish.

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