Hate You

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Ayriel's POV

"Got what handled Marcus?" I asked confused.

"Kaydence. I kidnapped his mama." My heart dropped.

"You did what? Marcus are you serious?" I asked making sure that I had heard him right. Ms. Celine had nothing to do with anything that went on with me and Kaydence.

"Chill. I ain't gone kill her or nothing, I just wanna show him that he got the wrong one."

"No, let her go Marcus! She didn't have shit to do with any of that" I yelled into the phone. I knew she didn't like me but I liked her, she's was always there for Karcyn so I appreciated her and at the end of the day, that is my baby's grandma.

"So it's okay for the nigga to hit on you?"

"That's not what I said, she doesn't have anything to do with it now let her go Marcus, I'll call the police if you don't!" I threatened but I was lying. I'd never do anything like that to him.

"I will when I'm ready." He hung up. I wouldn't call the police but I sure as hell would tell my baby's father.

I called Kaydence's phone but it went straight to voicemail. He probably had me on the blocklist. After seeing me with Wesley who knows what would happen next, this shit is like a big ass love square, not triangle but square. I'm with Wesley, he's Dani's ex and she's with Kaydence, I'm his babymama.

"This shit is crazy." I snapped out of my thoughts and headed towards my room.

Kaydence's POV

"Fucking bullshit, man!" I was speeding to Dani's house. I ain't have no luck finding my mom and the shit just wasn't sitting right with me. I wouldn't get no sleep wondering if she was okay or not.

I looked down at the time on the dash and it was almost 8. I knew Dior was worried and I didn't know who's house she went to. I couldn't make any calls off of my trap phone, it just wasn't safe. I made a U-Turn and headed towards T-Mobile.

"Welcome to T-Mobile, are you looking for anything specific today sir?" The girl at the front counter asked.

"I need a 6S, doesn't matter what color."

"Alrighty." She walked to the back and I walked around as I waited for her.

"Here you have a rose gold 6S," I knew her ass was gon give me the pink one but now wasn't the time to be picky. She started setting it up and all of that extra shit.

"would this be all for you today?" I nodded, "Alright, your tota-" I swiped the card before she could give me a price. She raised her brows and giggled.

"Give me the damn phone girl, what the hell you laughing for?" I snapped. She handed me the phone along with the box that contained the charger and earphones, I walked out. I dialed Dior's number and she answered on the first ring, thank god for good memory.

"Who is this?" She asked with hella attitude.

"Ya brother, where you at?"

"Did you find her? Is she okay?"

"No, I didn't find her D. She's okay though." I said. I had a feeling she was okay, I felt like God was telling me that she was.

"How do you know?" Her voice cracked and I knew she was about to cry. She was always sensitive, even as a kid.

"I just do Dior. Where you at?"

"I'm at BriAsia's! Kaydence I need my mama!" She started crying harder. "Calm down man, send me the address."

"Okay." I could hear BriAsia in the background trying to calm her down, she hung up. My phone dinged, indicating that someone sent a text. It was from T-Mobile. I drove through traffic waiting on Dior to send me the address. Once she did I headed in that direction.

The house was kinda big, two story, one car garage. I pulled up on the side and called Dior again.

"I'm outside."

She came out a few minutes later and her girlfriend was behind her. I ain't remember asking her to bring her ass outhea

"What's up Kaydence?" She reached in and dapped me, standing behind Dior.

"What'd you want? And why do you have a new number?" Dior asked. Her attitude was on 10 tonight but she had reasons.

"I ran the cameras back and I think I know who it is who got her." Her eyes got watery.

"This is all your fucking fault! I bet it's one of those stupid ass niggas who want you dead! I wish they'd hurry up and take you so me and my mama won't have to walk on eggshells around here! I fucking hate you! You don't care about me, mama, or Karcyn. I bet you don't even care that you have a kid! You can't leave the streets alone if you tried." Tears rolled down her face and she ran off with BriAsia tryna catch her. That shit hurt me to the core. I drove off and headed towards Daniella's.

Wesley's POV

"Ion know what to tell you.. Take her out for dinner or some shit." I was trying to get some advice from Melly.

"Wait. I didn't even tell you the crazy part. Remember the hoe that I told you about?" He nodded.

"That's who Daniella has something going on with!"

"What the fuck? What's her name? You never told me."

"Ayriel. You know of her?" His jaw dropped and nothing came out of his mouth. I looked at him in confusion. "You know her, Melly?"

"You fucking my homie's baby moms, Wes. Kaydence?"

"Yeah, that's his name." I came to the edge of the seat, interested in what he had to say next.

"I can't help you take him out, that's my fucking brother bro."

"And I'm not? That's fucked up Mel." I got up and stormed out. Nobody wanted to help me but there's one person who just might.

And there you have it, we know who has his mama.. everything is kinda sorta coming together but not just yet ;)

And I know that Kaydence and Dani didn't spend time together but the chapter after next will be about them spending quality time with each other. Vote!

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