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"Hanna?" I called as I entered the attic and searched around for the Oracle.

"Hello?" Came a voice from the old, dirty window. My head snapped over to the voice to see a girl, no older that fourteen sat on the window seat, cleaning the window.

"Erm, hi I'm Bella" I replied looking at the girl with curious eyes. I guessed she didn't know who I was and I liked that as she was treating me normally.

"Oh my gods. I'm so sorry please forgive me. I didn't know who-"

"Hanna, its fine. Breath. I enjoy being treated normally." I soothed, walking over and sitting beside her. Leaning against the inside of the wall and propping my feet on the cushion. "Chiron said I needed to talk to you about the profercy" I continued.

"Ah, yes" Hanna said before green mist began leaking from the corners of the room, spiraling around the random boxes and other objects strewn around the messy attic. "Part of the profercy is done, the rest will be far from fun. For what one thought was in the past the time for so is coming fast. Two halves of a whole once more kept apart, due to the mind ignoring the heart".

Can I get a heck what?
"What the Hades does that mean?" I said once the green fog had cleared, only to notice I was alone. Darn oracle.

What one thought was in the past is still to be experienced... What in Olympus does that mean!
Two halves of a whole once more kept apart, due to the mind ignoring the heart? What the Hades?
Well, I guess the second one means me and Jasper will be kept apart? Maybe... Sure as Hades hope not. I will never leave him. Ever. But due to the mind ignoring the heart? Huh? That got me stumped.
So from all this all I've got is a migraine. Great!

"Darlin' are ya okay?"

I gasped slightly in shock as I felt arms wrap around my waist, freezing before realising it was my mate and relaxing. Only he could touch me like this. Not only would I not allow anyone else to do so, but it would all just feel wrong doing so with anyone else.

"I'm fine honey. Just shocked. You- you would never leave me would you?" I asked slowly, turning around in his embrace.

"Never. I am yours as you are mine remember." He replied before kissing me passionately, making my legs feel like jelly. Gods the thing this man does to me. "So what did the prophecy say to get yer so spooked?"

"Erm, part of the prophecy is done, but something we thought had been done hasn't." I said, leaving out the last part as I didn't want to think about what it meant.

"And.... I know yer keepin' somthin' from me darlin" Jasper drawled.

"It said two halves of a whole once more kept apart due to the mind ignoring the heart." I said sighing and clinging tightly to jasper.
"Whatever that's meant to mean" I mumbled.

"I don't know darlin' but we just have to live in the present. We'll worry about that when the time comes but until then we will live our lives on our own. No prophecy will dictate our lives. We will live our own lives. " Jasper said as we began walking g put of the big house.

"And that's why I live you so much" I said, getting lost in his eyes. Gods I love him so much it hurts

As we walked out the big house I could see Percy and Annabeth running around with some of the other campers. They looked truly happy and so full of life I knew I wouldn't be able to take them away from here. I don't know weather it was there happy expressions or there laughs or just the homely vibes that radiated from them but I just knew I wouldn't be able to take them with me. A part of me wanted to stay as well, a very large part of me, but I knew that I could visit any time so that made leaving a lot easier for me.

I summoned my bow and a piece of paper before writing a quick note on and attaching it to an arrow.
Stay and have fun x We will be back to get you in two weeks if you want to stay longer tell me xx B

I waited for my aim to steady and pulled back the string before quickly releasing it, sending the arrow flying through the air. It connected with the tree where Annabeth was stood and stuck in firmly. I saw Annabeth jump slightly before reaching for the arrow. I then quickly teleported Jasper and myself back to the school.

"I didn't know you could do that" Jasper said layer that night as I was getting ready for bed.

"Jay, I'm the goddess of war, a Greek Olympian. I can do a lot of this you don't know" I said as I joined him in the bed.

"Yes, a lot of incredible things which people will want to say is there's. Not after tonight though. I'm going to make sure everyone knows your mine"

And that was the night Jasper claimed me. A night I will always remember. No matter what.

I'm sooo sorry for not updating so I did you guys a double update!
This book is coming to an end, I know please don't kill me. I am going to do a sequel though but it's got a twist which your going to have to wait to find out :)

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