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While Annabeth sorted out her, erm, problem and took a shower, I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out an outfit. When I was at camp I mainly wore black cloths as there wasn't much point wearing anything that nice as it would probably get ruined.
I decided on a black crop top with the words 'I put the hate in whatever' written on as well as some plack leggings with a skull on the leg.
I put in some white earrings with 'whatever' written on them.
I walked over to my drawer and pulled out some of my black, leather, fingerless gloves and slipped them onto my hands.
I then clicked my finger, painting my nails red and putting my still purple hair into loose curls.
I finally walked over to my shoe cupboard and grabbed my 4" black, buckled boots.
(Pic at top)
I knew they weren't the most practical thing but, I had to still look good. Becoming a goddess, thankfully, had drastically improved my balance and I could now walk without taking on my face and now could even manage heels, well after some practice.

A few minutes later Annabeth came out of the bathroom in her outfit.

"Nice clothes" she said

"You too" I replied

After talking for a bit we decided we needed to find out exactly how much the Cullen's knew about us. I was hoping not much, that would make everything a whole lot easier.

As we neared the big house, Percy came sprinting over to us, and he didn't look very happy.

"Thanks for waiting guys!" He huffed, trying to catch his breath.

"Oops" me and Annabeth said together, causing us all to burst out laughing and continue to the big house.

The warm autumn breeze blew across the clearing as the sun began to dip below the tops of the trees, causing beams of light to fill the air.
The excited shouts of the other campers calling to each other and the occasional swords clashing along with the birds singing were the only sounds that filled the air.
I realy had missed this, no noisy traffic, building work nohing like that here.
We all continued chatting until we arrived at the front of the big house and entered.

As soon as we entered, Mr D looked up from his huge pile of books - which were probably about wine- and smiled.
"Ahh, now you are here I can tell you about your quest!" He said lightly.

"What?! Since when have we been going on a quest?" Percy asked. In utter confusion, speaking Annabel and my thoughts.

"Since last Thursday evening" Chiron said, sticking his head around the door that lead to his study.

Our mouths all formed large 'o's as we tried to comprehend that this was real. The last time Percy and Annabeth had been on a quest was when my dad accused Percy of steeling his bolt.
The last time I was out, well, you know, it didn't realy go to plan with the Cullen's and all that.

"OK... So what's our quest?" I asked after a moment of awkward silence.

"We recently found out about a sort of 'supernatural school' in Texas, it has many supernatural beings, I believe the sorts of vampires, werewolves, shifters, elves, nymphs, mermaids and others attend there. I was hoping, as you are more than capable of protecting yourselves, if you would like to introduce them to demigods. Of course, you will have to change your looks and names so you can't be traced as easily but apart from that its all good." Chiron said, leaving us all with gawping mouths.

After a moments thought, I decided what we would do and spoke.

"We'll go"

Yes! I am so sorry! Is weekend I was camping with my scout troop so didn't t back till Monday then I have been exhausted since! I know this is small, but its a filler so yea!..

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