I will always be yours

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"Seriously! How are you doing this? You must be cheating!" Percy whined as I beat him for the third time in the last half an hour.

"Erm, maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm the goddess of war?" I asked sarcastically.

"Seaweed brain" Annabeth muttered before walking back to the beach. It was only three and it wasn't getting dark until about nine so we had six hours of light left. After that were having the moonlight party. Its always great fun.

"I heard that!" Percy yelled, creating a huge ball of water and chasing after his girlfriend.

Everyone laughed at the pair before returning to their previous activities of swimming and playing.
I looked at water and smiled. It had been ages since I changed form and right now I felt like being a lil fishy.
"Are ya okay darlin'?" Jasper asked worriedly as he searched me for injuries.

"I'm fine Jay. Honest" I said, stilling his hands on my waist and looking him in the eyes.
Only then did I realise how close we were standing yet again.

He smiled and kissed my forehead while taking a deep breath of my scent which many vampires had said had a very calming effect on them.
"Where'd'ya get Jay from?" He asked me.

" I , erm... I don't know but I like it. You don't mind do you?" I asked worriedly.

"Its perfect darlin' " Jasper said, sensing my worry.

I smiled before slipping off my kaftan and handing it to him, smirking as I heard his lustful growl. I slipped off my flip flops and pecked Jasper on the lips before running towards the water and diving in. I willed my legs to shift into a tai and soon felt the long felt sensation on tingling covering my legs. I looked down to see my tail and smiled madly. I slipped my hair out of its elastic and allowed it to fall into a purple halo around my face. My tail was also purple with a few streaks of pink mixed in. I looked around and waved at a few of the other mermaids who were sitting at the bottom of the lake. I was cut of from my observations my my mate, who looked very worried, jumping into the water next to me. I was surprised by his sudden appearance but he was definitely more surprised by my legs. Or lack of.

I grinned before swimming over to him and pulling myself close to him. I saw him slowly move his hand towards my tail and I instinctively flinched away. I despised having my tail touched like most mermaids.
Seeing the hurt on my mates face I slowly moved my tail to just under his palm. He looked at me, then my tail before slowly stroking it. I was shocked by the feeling as it felt so different to anyone else's touch. I snuggled further into jasper, resting my head on his chest as I began taking us to the bottom on the lake. Once we were there he sat on the sandy ground and pulled me into his lap before continuing to stroke my tail.
That sounds so weird. My tail.
Anyway, back to the story.
As he continued exploring my tail he found my sensitive spot, making a giggle burst from my lips. Well, it was more of a bubble since I can't talk underwater.
Jasper's eyes snapped up to meet my own, his showing amusement and a hint of cunningness.
What was he up to?
I soon found out as he began madly tickling he. His fingers moving at such a fast face no human would be able to see. He was merciless, tickling my body, my tail and even my fins. He got very close to where my bikini top was but I was glad he didn't venture to close as I was awear of the small ground of mermaids and vampires. All of who were sharing a expression of shock.
I ignored them as I tried desperately to free myself of my mates torturous hands.

I was begging him with my eyes and after what felt like forever, he stopped. Thank gods.
I glared at him and was proud with myself when he flinched back slightly. Good.
I looked at him once more before zooming up to the surface. When I reached the top, I didn't stop. I kept on swimming, successfully pushing myself out of the water. I did a flip before falling back into the water and swimming over to the collection of rocks where a few of the mermaids were sat, chatting and braiding each others hair.
I pulled myself onto a large, flats rock as Leah, a young mermaid squealed before slipping of her rock only to jump onto mine and start doing some type of intricate braid in my hair.

I sighed as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the world into darkness. I was sat on a rock slightly above the water level with my legs hanging over the edge and disappearing into the inky Dept's of the water beneath me. My wonderful mate was sat beside me, looking at the last traces of the orange Skye in wonder. Sunset was always my favourite time of the day.
So beautiful.
Jasper stayed silent, watching me with large, curious eyes. This would have annoyed me if he was anyone else, but since he was my mate, I couldn't find it in myself to be annoyed with him.
I turned to meet his gaze and met two very dark, hungry eyes. Anyone else who saw this would probably be terrified but this was a look that only I would be able to truly understand. He wasn't hungry for my blood. No, he was hungry for my body.

"Now darlin' I do believe we need to have a discussion about your outfit" Jasper said after a moment.

I looked down and bit my bottom lip. I knew how much this riled him up. I was dying on the inside and was trying not to show how funny I thought this situation was.

"What? Don't you like it?" I asked innocently, looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Like it? I fuckin' love it darlin' do yer know how much of my strength seeing ya in this tiny outfit has made me use? In case ya forgot, we are newly mated and seeing anyone touch you, while you are fully covered will be enough to set of my mating instincts! How do you think I felt earlier? I was torn between panicking for you safety and making sire none of them men were looking at yer the wrong way!" Jasper exclaimed, growing more hysterical every moment.

"Jay, honey. I'm yours. Yours only. Okay? No one else's. Just yours" I purred as I climbed onto his lap and giving him a passionate kiss. I sat so I was straddling him, our exposed chests pressed firmly together as I began tracing a thick scar that consisted of many other scars over his heart.

"Mine" he growled possessively.

"Yes yours. Today, tomorrow, in a million years. I will always be yours"

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