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What kind of a goddess am I'm I?
I mean seriously, I find out I'm a goddess - faint.
I find out my mum is Athena - faint.
How am I ever going to be able to be even a half decent goddess if I keep fainting?

I was pulled from my thoughts by the sound of people calling my name. I was confused and it took me a second to remember everything.
Goddess of war, nature, the supernatural and magic.
Athena is my mum.
Jasper's is my mate.

"BELLA! BELLA! WHERE ARE YOU?" they shouted. Who is that? Its not any of the other gods, they know where I am. I thought.

"BELLA!" Wait. That sounded like Annabeth.

"BELLAAA!!" And Percy...

I jumped off the bed I was lying on and noticed I was in the room I awoke in again, maybe it's my room now? Not going to complain, I love it.
I quickly made my way over to the door as the sound of shouting and heavy footsteps came nearer. I slowly opened my door as I saw Percy and Annabeth come charging around the corner, still oblivious to me, they continued charging down the hall calling my name.
Gods, there giving me a headache!
Just as they were about to pass my door I grabbed them both and threw them into my room, causing them to land on a heap on the floor.

"Gahh gods! What was tha- BELLA!" Annabeth cried before throwing herself at me.
A second later Percy joined us causing me to yelp as all of us fell to the ground in a heap. We were all laughing and having a group hug, apparently I was the talk of the camp and Sophia was practically an out cast. I felt a bit bad for her, but oh well, she shouldn't have been such a bitch.

Suddenly the door burst open causing a huge crash as it smashed against the wall. We all stopped talking as Percy and Annabeth leapt up and drew out there swords. I still had no idea where mine was and I hated it. I feel like a helpless princes from one of the movies.
I don't like that feeling.
We all looked to see who was at the door only to see a very angry looking Poseidon and Athena.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Athena yelled.

"Well, erm, err." Stuttered Percy.

Annabeth rolled her eyes before explaining. "Well, the guards wouldn't tell us where Bella was so we came to find her ourselves. They just overreacted... A lot..."

"Why didn't you just come and see us? We could have just brought you here, it would have saved a lot of shouting!" Poseidon moaned. "And now all of us, I'm sure Bella included have awful headaches!"

"Yep" I agreed. It was true I could feel the start of a awful headache.

"Sorry" Annabeth and Percy mumbled.

"Is the floor in hear comfy to Bella?" Poseidon teased as he noticed I was still on the floor.

"Yea whatever, we have soooooo much to talk about!" I squealed turning to Percy and Annabeth as Poseidon and Athe- my mum walked away.

"OK so how is camp?" I asked.

"Well Mr D is having a hard time trying to answer the questions that keep getting through at him, but he won't tell us some things like whether your coming back to camp or who your mother is or what your the goddess of, basically all we know is that your alive and in Olympus. Apart from that everything's fine" Percy said as we walked to sit on my oversized bed.

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