A small spark of hope

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Everyone stood frozen, not knowing what to do.
They had no idea who me, Percy and Annabeth were, we had no idea who they were, Hades, we didn't even know what was going on.
I could feel everyone's intense stares on the back of my head and it was really grinding on me. If they didn't stop looking at me like a zoo attraction, I was gonna blow.

Percy and Annabeth quickly ran over to me and began begging with there eyes for me to tell them what to do. I couldn't. If Peter hadn't locked me in his office, I could have prevents this. Idiot. Just for that, as childish as it might seem, I was going to have a silent tantrum.

It was Percy who broke the awkward silence a few seconds later. "Er, Hi?" He said to the huge crowd of people.

"Who are ya?" A human girl asked, stepping towards us.
I noticed how all the other supernatural students seemed to be so protective of this small group of humans. It was realy amazing. As she stepped toward, so did about three others.

"I'm, Izzy, this is Peirce and Beth" I said introducing us all as I looked at Percy and Annabeth, only then realising, they were covered in blood.
"YOU RUINED YA CLOTHES!" I screamed in horror, causing everyone to jump, and a few vampires to hiss warningly.

"You can get changed in our dorm if ya want, I'm Sophie by the way, this is Rebecca, Josh, Maia, Gemma, Billy an' Charlie. Those two were Connor an' Jason." The same girl said, walking over to us with Gemma.

"There always fightin' over stupid things but its getting worse. Now its gone to far, they've taken Peter and Charlotte. The can't do that! They just can't! Peter and Charlotte are so kind, try would never hurt anyone!" Gemma said, beginning to panic.

"Peter locked me in his office! Just thought I'd clear tha' up! I don't generally use the window as a usual form of exit!" I moaned.
I swear Izzy said they were good people, that I could trust them. Yeah right. I'm having serious trouble believing that.
Goddam stupid alter ego.

Hey! I heard that!

Where are the gods when you need them? Huh? Probably to busy fucking each other or some random mortal, that's where.

"He must have had a reason, were all a big kind of family here. I'll Finnish explaing later, let's get you changed first" Sophie said, giving me a weeks smile.

I quickly took in all her friends appearances.
Sophie had long blonde hair that was strait and ended at her waist. She had very small facial features and blue eyes.

Rebecca had short, curly, red hair and green eyes, her have was round and her nose was unusually long, she was still a kind looking girl though.

Maia was a very plump girl, she had shoulder length black hair, broad facial features, and green eyes that were similar to topazes.

Gemma had long brown hair that was straight and fell down to her mid back, she was wearing it in a messy pony tail which added to her southern look. She was very tall and had brown eyes.

Josh and Charlie looked to be twins, they both had short blonde hair that was messily arranged, blue eyes and were about 5'11. They had very muscular arms and facial features and looked a lot of fun.

Billy was rather young, only looking about thirteen, the others all looked about seventeen or sixteen. He still had most of his child features and was still quite short, he did however, have the most amazing green eyes. If I didn't know better, I'd think her was a son of Poseidon.

"OK, thanks" I said before we all followed Sophie an Gemma into the far end of the school, which I guessed was where the dorms were.

"I love ya hair Izzy!" Sophie exclaimed as we passed threw a large doorway. I smiled and we all began chatting about everything.

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