I'm not the old Bella

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I awoke in an unfamiliar room, it wasn't a room I had seen before even though all I could see was the ceiling at the moment.
At least in not in a forest I thought to myself while rubbing my eyes.
My head was throbbing and I felt like I had a massive hangover. I groaned and rubbed my temples, I knew I had some ambrosia in my bag all I had to do was get it.
Ugh to much effort.
I slowly sat up and looked around, realising I wasn't in my dorm but I could tell by the humid feel to the air I had at least managed to get Jasper and myself back to Texas successfully.
Jasper! Where is he?

Ignoring my spinning head, I looked around and realised I was in one of the spare rooms that are kept for guests.
Guess this is where the Cullen's are staying then.
I noticed a small note was lying on the pillow next to me and picked it up, interested in what it said.

I have gone hunting and should be back for midday.
Your friend Annabeth said these brownies would help you recover. I'm not sure what they are though.
Stay strong my beautiful mate.
Jasper x

I saw the small brownie chunks sitting on the table next to where the note was previously laying and instantly felt my body flood with relief.
The brownies were ambrosia.
Gods Annabeth is a life saver.
After quickly devouring my ambrosia chunks and gaining back my energy, I looked at the clock and saw it was only nine so I still had three hours to kill before jasper got back.
...Or I could make it three hours to mess with the Cullen's. *evil smirk*
I quickly teleported myself back to my dorm and heard everyone, including Peter, Percy and Charlotte talking about me

"I hope she's okay" Maia mumbled

"Yea she looked so bad yesterday" Gemma added in.

"I've known her so long, she's a fighter, she'll get through this" defiantly Annabeth.

"Heyyyyy y'all!" I called, walking casually past them all, into the closet, only then realising I was only wearing a large male top.
"Who changed me!" I yelled.

"Jasper ya idiot" Char replied, giving me a hug along with everyone else.

Oh, I knew that... I
"Oh, anyways, I've got a coven of vamps ta fuck with so I need ta hurry. Oh, and thanks for the ambrosia Annabeth! Love ya sug" I called walking into the wardrobe.
I quickly shut the wardrobe doors and began searching for some clothes to wear. After a few minutes I had gathered a suitable outfit that was only a bit different to what I usually wore, but only by chose of accessories.

I got a black tube top, short denim skirt and a black chocker and quickly got dressed. After I got some black stilettos, round shades and a bunch of rings. I then grabbed some rather... Interesting earings and another ring. Finally, I decided I should put my belly button ring back in. I got a double ended heart stud and after a while I managed to get it in but holy hades it hurt.

I entered the dorm once again and saw everyone whispering and looking excited. When they saw me there eyes all brightened and I knew the were up to something.

"Bella! Sing a song pleaseee" Char asked with puppy eyes.

I looked at her questioningly but she quickly filled me in my mouthing one word. Cullen's, and pointing to the door.

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