supernatural school

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Once we were all disguised and had packed all our weapons, we decided to walk across camp to the big house, just for the humour of the reactions we would receive.

As predicted, all the campers were clueless, they had no idea who we were. It was hilarious.
Everything fell silent as we walked over to the big house and Izzy was laughing so hard it was giving me a headache.

When we finally arrived at the big house, Mr D and Chiron's expressions were totally gob-smacked and confused. Me, Percy and Annabeth all burst out laughing.

"Who are you?" Mr D demanded.

"Oh, don't you recognize me? Your own half sister!" I cried, feigning hurt.

"Bella?" Chiron said slowly.

"Ding ding! We have a winner!" I said enthusiastically.

"Bella!" Percy hissed.

"Wow, good disguises, at least you won't have to worry about being recognized." Mr D said ignoring my last comment.

"Well, we need to go now so we'll call every two day to say how its going" Annabeth said taking charge.

A chorus of goodbyes from the gods sounded in my head, making me smile and giving me confidence.

"OK bye!" Mr D and Chiron called before I grabbed onto Percy and Annabeth's arms, teleporting us to Texas.

"Uggh, I officially hate teleportation!" Percy groaned whilst trying not to puke.

"Oh get over it!" Annabeth exclaimed, backhanding him.

"Children! No fighting!" I said rolling my eyes and eating a piece of ambrosia.
"At least you aren't the one actually having to do the work! Long distance teleportation isn't easy!" I said after I gained back some strength

I had teleported us into the desert, about ten minutes away from the school so we wouldn't cause suspicion by just appearing, we were also out of hearing range for any vampires at the moment.
It was unbelievably hot and the warm breeze caused my hair to whip around my face in a wild manner. I was glad I was wearing boots, I did not want to get sand in my shoes. That was the one thing I couldn't stand.

"OK, let's go now" Percy said after a minute, walking off.

I rolled my eyes. Stupid seaweed brain.

"Yo fish face!" I yelled causing him to stop in his tracks and glare at me. "Its this way!" I said, pointing in the opposite direction to which he was heading.

"Oh" he mumbled before following Annabeth and I, towards our destination, towards our quest, towards our life changing discoveries.

As we neared the school, I could see it was heavily guarded with some type of protection charm. I, being a goddess, could easily see through it. Percy and Annabeth were having a bit more trouble doing so. I quickly passed my hand in front of there eyes, lifting the enchantment on them. When they saw it, they gasped. It was incredible.

 It was incredible

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