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I can't believe they just did that!
They are total jerks, all of them!
I hate them so much!

They have seriously pissed me off. And you never want to piss me off.
A few things to know about me first though, before I tell you about them.

My name is Isabella Swan, and I'm 17, nearly 18 years old.

I am not a human like they believe I am, I'm actually a demigod.

My father is Zeus, yep you heard me Zeus.

My true home is Camp Half-Blood.

Charlie isn't my dad, I only came to forks on a mission Chiron sent me on to learn about the cold ones, them.

I didn't intend on falling madly in love with one of them.

And I am currently stranded in the middle of the forrest as they though it was a good idea to leave me out here. Idiots.

I guess that all you need to know for now, I will tell you how I ended up stranded in the middle of the Forrest now but first, a few things about them.

Edward and the Cullen's, are cold ones, or vampires as they are more commonly known.

Edward is my ex who decided to leave for 'my own protection' pftt seriously, I'm a flipping demigod, I can protect myself from some crazed vampire who is trying to avenge her mates death.

And now I hate them all.

Now, onto how it happened.


"Bella come, were playing baseball" Edward said scooping me up and running full speed out the door.

I noticed we were heading in the direction of the baseball field where we had first met the vampires trying to kill me. They were called James Victoria and Laurent. James saw how protective Edward was of me and saw it as some game, he eventually lured me away from the Cullen's and bit me, Luckily Edward arrived in time to suck the venom out of my system. I was so grateful for this, the venom would have killed me since I'm half god.
Anyway James was killed by the Cullen's and now his mate, Victoria is out to kill me.
Woo go me! -_-
We had just arrived at the clearing and I could see all the Cullen's sat on a huge rock, huh that's strange where's the baseball stuff? I guessed it was just somewhere I could see. However as we got close I became worried, they all looked grave and sad.
I jumped out of Edwards arms and looked around, I was seriously getting worried now.

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