Trip down memory lane

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After my singing everyone continued to play on the beach on in the water. I decided to sun bathe so I took of my kaftan and began soaking in the suns rays. Every so often someone would go and sing up on stage. It was great fun.
As the time of Jasper's return came nearer I could sense someone staring at me and it was seriously irritating me.

After ignoring it for ten minutes I finally snapped and sat up from sunbathing, spinning around to see who was starring at me. It didn't surprise me realy, I was met by none other than Harriot's hateful glare.
I sighed. I had no idea why she hated me so much, before my rebellious period we were fine, we weren't exactly besties but we would say hi if we saw each other. When I got back she had turned into a full time bitch.

"What is it Harriot?" I asked, not trying to hide the irritation in my voice.

"I -I... You know what? I'll tell you what it is!" She yelled, standing up and walking over to me. I remained seated, not thinking her worthy of my energy. "You, went of and had your pathetic tantrum, then came back here months later, expecting everyone to welcome you back with open arms! And you know what's worse? They did exactly that! Anyone else would be out casted, but no, not you obviously because your a flipping goddess and that makes you so much more superior to all of us doesn't it! None of us know what happed during your tantrum as you refuse to even talk about it to anyone! For all we know, you could have killed a bunch of people!" She said, screaming at the end. I still found it strange how she hadn't the slightest hint of a southern accent in her voice after all the time she's been here but, oh well.
She was lucky jasper wasn't here right now otherwise she would most likely be dead by now. It had takes hours or persuasion to convince Peter and Char not to kill her but I knew that my mate would most likely end her before I could open my mouth to protest.

I raised one brow and gave a look that screamed 'realy?'. I sighed before giving up. I knew this day would come eventually, I just didn't expect it to be today. "Okay, firstly, it was not a pathetic tantrum, it was me copin' with all tha shit he put me through" I said, pointing at Edward who, along with the rest of the Cullen's were all very confused. They had no idea what was going on while everyone else did.
"No, I'm pretty sure if someone had a reason to have to leave for a lil bit, or even if they didn't everyone 'ere would welcome 'em back. Of course I'm not better than anyone else because I'm a goddess! I'm a normal lass who has had a load of unwanted things shoved to 'er!" I continued. "And finally, if ya so desperately wan' ta know wha' happed durin' tha time. I'll show ya" I said, sighing before putting my kaftan on over my head and walking over to the stage.

"OK, hey y'all, I'm positive ya all just heard that because there is absolutely no privacy here, so here something I made during... my time away. I'ma show you my memories and its basically about everything me and Edward went through together the good times and the bad. Some of them are from my trip, I went back to forks. The place where my life spiraled into the realm of you crazy lot" I said before opening my mind, allowing the memories to flow out and opening my mouth, allowing the words to flow out.

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During my rebellious period I had gone back to forks, visiting all the places I had been with the Cullen's. I had to disguise myself as I didn't want to be recognized. I wanted to visit la push but when I arrived I realised my stupid error. I had the scent of vampires all over me and there were no humans I could hide with. The wolves started chasing me, everywhere I went, they followed.
I had teleported all around forks and Seattle, visiting memorable places, whether they were for better of worse.
After a while, the solve finally seemed to realise I wasn't a threat and we made a kind of unspoken truce.
It was during this time where I discovered what being the goddess of nature entailed. I could... Talk with the trees, the birds, the plants. I could hear the winds song, the trees chatting, the things I never heard before. I realised the blowing of the wind, the rustling of the trees is natures music, its way of communication, the language of nature.
After wearing myself to exhaustion many times due to my recklessness caused by the turmoil of emotions inside me, I found myself cracked in a tree branch or wrapped in a cocoon type structure, shielding me from the elements which I sometimes subconsciously controlled. The trees, vines and wind became the closest I had to company durning that time, I avoided all of civilization knowing that if I were to step foot into forks I would instantly be recognized. I had however paid Charlie a quick visit to catch up, him being a old of Apollo and all.
I also wanted to see if the Cullen's were still here, unsurprisingly, they weren't.
I did however, show them a few tikes before the Cullen's left. The hellhounds and monsters had caught onto my strong scent at the Cullen's house and many times I had to fight them off, while making sure none of the Cullen's noticed. I got cut, bruises and any other form of injury you can think of by doing this and every time a Cullen asked, my simple excuse was: I fell.
They always believed me even though sometimes I wished they hadn't.

As I finished singing I was instantly embraced in multiple hugs. Many of my friends congratulated me and said they were proud while I tried to relax. They all know now. They all know now. Its OK Bella, its fine. Breath breath. I focused on my breaths, in... out... in... out
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harriot storming off, making me smirk.
I turned around as I heard my name being called only to see Jacob and the pack, all looking a little more than confused.


"Jake!" I squealed, running over and tackling him to the ground.

"Bella! What happened? Your hair, your clothes, you accent... Where have you been for the last three years?" He asked.

"Well, two and a bit years actually, remember when yer were chasing me halfway 'cross America?" I asked sarcastically

"What? When?" He asked utterly confused.

"Ya remember, when I was like this?" I asked, changing back to my disguise.

"That was you!" Same exclaimed, walking up to us with the rest of the pack.

"Yep" I replied before looking over to the Cullen's who were all looking at the wolves with disgust.

"Bella, how can you do that? The changing thingy" Jacob asked. I did not want to talk about that right now. Hades! They didn't even know I was a demigod!

"Anyway, we'll talk later! Your besties are just bursting to say hi!" I exclaimed, ignoring there question and pointing at the now horrified Cullen's. *evil laugh*

"You!" Jacob yelled jokingly before grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Let go! Let go you evil ferocious wolf! Help meee! Save mee!" I cried dramatically while pounding at his chest, which, you guessed it. Wasn't covered.

A second later I the air was peirced my a deafening snarl and I was thrown away from Jacob. A gasp of surprise burst from my lips as I flew across the beach but luckily Charlotte managed to catch me. Before I hit the ground.

"Thanks Char" I said giving her a quick hug before spinning around to see what was going on.

I spun around and groaned before rushing over and gently pulling him off a pissed looking Jacob.
"Jay, honey, its okay. We were playing, I'm fine see?" I said calmly as he began running his hands all over my body, checking everywhere for injuries. It was nothing new to me. I had see Peter and Char do it to each other after a scuffle or intense moment.

"We will discuss your outfit later." Jasper growled looking me in the eyes his own were showing a mixture of anger, worry and lust. After that he went back to checking for injuries.

Satisfied that I was unharmed, he pulled me firmly to his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around me and began purring. I had heard the other mated vampires purr to there mates and could never truly understand how it helped but now, it all made sense. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of Jasper's addictive scent. He smelled of leather, red apples and sandle wood which was an unusual combination but fitted him perfectly.

"Erm, are we missing something here?" Seth asked, reminding us we weren't alone. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had forgotten this as a warning growl burst from Jasper's lips as he beard his teeth and pushed me slightly behind him.

"Jaspers Bella's mate you moron" Annabeth said, walking up to me and draping her arm round my shoulder, surprisingly without any protests from Jasper. I guess he knew she wasn't a threat.

"Oh, well, how are you Bella?" Seth asked lightly, trying to break the tension.

"I'm good, you?" I replied.

The pack and I continued talking and laughing and at some point we all made our way over to the towels and began sunbathing, never stopping our conversation. I was lying down, resting on Jasper's chest, which might I add was only covered by a button down, which was undone, when Jake asked the question I was trying to avoid.

"Okay, one last question" Jacob said looking me dead in the eye. "What are you Bella?"

"Erm, how much do yer know 'bout Greek mythology?" I asked.

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