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The Frozen Curse by BriannaWhitlock
The Frozen Curseby Anna
She's been cursed her whole life. She can't go outside, can't have any friends and she can definitely not go to school. Her whole life she's blocked out everyone, living...
  • sven
  • anna
  • frozen
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Bella The Demigod by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Demigodby Cutiepie
A twilight - Percy Jackson crossover. Join Bella in an exhilarating story of trust, love and betrayal. Having enough of the Cullen's playing with her, she finally snaps...
  • bellaxjasper
  • carlisle
  • twilight
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Bella the shifter by tail050701
Bella the shifterby Tail050701
What if when the cullens left Bella's shifter gene triggered? What if Bella and Edward were best friends? What if Bella's mate was another member of the coven? What if t...
  • betrayal
  • accident
  • rejection
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Twilight: Forever Bk1 by BriannaWhitlock
Twilight: Forever Bk1by Anna
Book 1 in the Twilight Forever series- Bella goes over for a visit to the Cullen's but when she gets their she finds something she never thought would happen an...
  • char
  • isla
  • book1
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A New Love by BriannaWhitlock
A New Loveby Anna
A year after the Cullens left Bella realizes that she doesn't love Edward, she loves Jasper. She can't get him off her mind and she always feels like her heart is breaki...
  • aro
  • volturi
  • death
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Finding Him by JRSDH1
Finding Himby Viper Stirling
This is a Jaspella story. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= He always felt empty, incomplete. She always felt like something was missing. They meet one fateful night and Hell foll...
  • jasbella
  • jaspella
  • twilightsaga
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Bella's Back And Dangerous Bk1 by BriannaWhitlock
Bella's Back And Dangerous Bk1by Anna
Bella's back with her new daughter Renesmee. After Edward left her she got pregnant and made family with the Volturi and is now more dangerous as ever when she comes to...
  • humor
  • tricks
  • bellaxjasper
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Bella The Demigod - Return To Olympus by Cutiepie_404
Bella The Demigod - Return To Cutiepie
--Sequel to Bella the demigod-- Bella Swan, a goddess of Olympus. Bella Swan, the girl who has forgotten half her life without even knowing it. Bella awakens after being...
  • percyjackson
  • mate
  • twilight
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Revenge Bk2 by BriannaWhitlock
Revenge Bk2by Anna
Sequel to twilight: Bella's back and dangerous. If you have not read that one GO READ IT FIRST THEN THIS ONE! ALS...
  • humor
  • wattys2014
  • past
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🏰 Jasper's New Mate (Completed) by PrincessAlissahall
🏰 Jasper's New Mate (Completed)by Alissa Chanice Hall m.
What if Isabella swan is the daughter of Peter and Charlotte Whitlock but is acting like Bella swan to meet her mate. Will jasper and Bella get together right when they...
  • cullen
  • bellaxjasper
  • bellaskids
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Midnight Rises Bk3 by BriannaWhitlock
Midnight Rises Bk3by Anna
Book 3 of my twilight series. Book 1- Twilight: Bella's Back And Dangerous. Book 2- Twilight: Revenge. Everything seems to be settling down after wars and fights. Alice...
  • weirdness
  • gone
  • kill
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Drowning by BriannaWhitlock
Drowningby Anna
{ORIGINALLY LABELED RAZORS: A SCREWED UP TWILIGHT LOVE STORY} "When the one you love, is the one you can't have, what will you do to have him?" Bella Swan is...
  • bellaxjasper
  • love
  • dad
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I am Number Twelve by BriannaWhitlock
I am Number Twelveby Anna
When a new girl named Isabella Swan comes with what they think is her mother the Cullen's, well most, become curious about this new girl. Edward can't read her mind, Ali...
  • ten
  • six
  • bellaxjasper
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Everything changes by Lakshya2025
Everything changesby
Summary: Her (Bella) whole existence was never supposed to be a possibility. Nobody believed it could happen, but it did. At seventeen years old, she moves to Forks and...
  • bellaxjasper
  • bellameetscullens
  • twilight
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Autumn of life (Jasper Whitlock fanfiction) by TonightAtSeven
Autumn of life (Jasper Whitlock TonightAtSeven
After a life time of fighting, Bella gives up. She moves to Forks to live a normal life with her father. But could the same man that could kill her, save her before it's...
  • jaspella
  • jasperxbella
  • jasper
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Jasper's little mate by wolf20002
Jasper's little mateby Paige
A blast from the past hits Jasper like a truck, Isabella Marie Swan. Her brothers supposed mate. Though Bella starts to remember thing that seem older then her she he...
  • bellaxjasper
  • cullens
  • betrayal
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Long Road Ahead || Twilight by monicaskye64
Long Road Ahead || Twilightby I Am Me
Jasper loves Bella and Bella loves jasper. The night before Bella's 18th birthday they spend the night together when they were caught in the moment. On Bella's 18th birt...
  • jaspersbaby
  • premature
  • pregnant
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Paw Patrol: Pups Kids Storys by BaileyChasesLover6
Paw Patrol: Pups Kids Storysby *Star Butterfly*
The Pup's Kids are back!
  • bellaxjasper
  • skyexrocky
  • katexterrie
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Bella and Jasper are Mates Fanfiction by Shadowgirl2003123
Bella and Jasper are Mates Shadowgirl2003123
What happens when bella was abandoned by her birth parents just and found by Peter and Shar? What happens when bella has to go back to her divorced parents in order to m...
  • peterwhitlock
  • bellawhitelock
  • jasperwhitlock
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