She gets what she wants

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"How is she?" Annabeth asked the second I left the room.

"She's doing fine. Having a bath as we speak and no longer wants to kill me" I replied, causing them both to relax.

"Have they figured out about you being Jasper's mate yet?" Percy asked from the torn up couch.

"No! I can't believe it! I told them I was the goddess of war, got them talking about Jasper. I mean seriously! Thought they would figure it out by now!" I exclaimed as I paced around the room.

"Figure what out hun?" Charlotte asked from the doorway.

Me, Percy and Annabeth all startled by her sudden appearance, shrieked and jumped up, pulling our various weapons. Sometimes I hated how quiet vampires were, even with my enhanced sences I still needed to be more awear of my surroundings.

"Please don't hurt me" Charlotte whimpered, backing into a wall. Her pure terror and helplessness made my heart shatter.
She had risen back to her former glory, long blonde hair, glowing skin, beautiful face. It was all perfect, apart from her eyes which were still pitch black and full of fear. How she was managing to be here without being crazed for our blood was beyond me.

"Were not going to hurt you Charlotte. I promised remember?" I asked, walking over to her. I stopped when I was a few meters away from her and held out my hand.

"Why do you have them then?" She hissed , pointing to our weapons.

"To keep everyone safe, its part of being a demigod I guess, always carrying weapons with us, not anything unusual to a demigod." Percy said from behind me.
I slowly bent down to place my sword on the ground and Percy and Annabeth soon followed.

"Do you wanna go hunting?" I asked once she had calmed down.

The second I asked this her hands flew up to her neck and her eyes grew even darker and instantly zeroed in on our pulse points.

"Well done Bella!" Annabeth hissed.

I glared at her and she instantly shut up. My glares seemed to have that affect on people.
I was pulled from my thoughts when a sudden burst of movement caught my eye.
Charlotte had pounced towards us, aiming directly at Annabeth. Neither of the would see it coming. I only could due to my enhanced eye sight.
My eyes widened and I flung myself into Charlotte's blurred form, knocking us both to the ground.

I hissed from the pain I had in my right arm from where we had collided. I could instantly tell it was broken and I could see it was bleeding heavily by the ever growing red stain on my tops aem. However, the animalistic vampire under me was much more to my concern.

"CHARLOTTE SNAP OUT OF IT" I screamed, knowing it would do nothing but not knowing what else to do.

"Bella, did she try to..." Annabeth said trailing off.

I nodded in response, still trying to retain a very pissed vampire who was trying to drink my blood now. My broken arm was draining all my energy but I needed to calm Charlotte.
With the last of my energy, I conjured up a cup of never ending blood and pressed it to Charlotte's lips as she began drinking greedily.

That was the last thing I saw before I passed out.
Well at least I have an actual reason for doing so this time.

I awoke to a delicious, cold liquid running down my throat. Nectar.
I groaned as I felt my throbbing arm being moved.
Gods it hurt.
I slowly opened my eyes, blinking madly as I attempted to adjust to the light.
I was still lying on the floor of Charlotte's living room and it was not comfortable.

"Bella! Thank the gods your okay!" Percy said, running a hand through his hair.

"Mmm" I replied, rubbing my eyes while sitting up.

"Here Bella eat this" Annabeth said, handing a piece of ambrosia to me. I quickly ate it and sighed as the pain in my arm vanished and the dizziness in my head faded.
I looked at my arm to see it had been bandaged. I quickly tore the dressing off and saw the only proof left of my 'incident' was a slightly pink scar that would quickly fade.

"How long was I out?" I asked no one in particular.

"An hour" Charlotte replied from the sofa on the far end of the room. I hadn't even noticed her until then. "Bella, I'm so so so-"

"Its fine Charlotte, I should have been more careful" I said, lookin into her now red eyes.

"I'm just not in the right frame of mind, I mean, how could Peter do this to me!? How!" She cried in anguish.

Percy, Annabeth and I all shared a look of confusion. What was she talking about?
What had her mate done?

"Charlotte? What's he done wrong?" I asked.

"HE WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD THEM TO DO THIS TO ME!" She screamed, causing us all to jump in shock. Who the hell told her that.

"Who the heck said that?" I growled.
I knew that Peter had tried to escape many times already.

"Conner" she said, sounding heartbroken.

"And you believed him?" Percy said in disbelief.

"Well, he hasn't tried to free me has he! No!" She said, on the verge of screaming.

"but he has! So many times! But he's been locked in the gods darn box pit thingy" Annabeth exclaimed.

"HE'S WHAT!" Charlotte screamed.
Before she was gone. Running out the door.

We quickly followed and saw most of the students and 'teachers' were stood outside already.
Everyone cheered as they saw us and quickly parted as they saw Charlotte's murderous expression.
She wanted her mate, and she was going to get him.

I mean after all, we all know: she gets what she wants.

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