Back to camp

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I was woken by jasper trailing kisses down my still exposed body. Last night after we had come back I hadn't bothered getting changed. Rather, I had simply crawled onto Jasper's bed and submerged myself in the soft duvet. I had heard him laugh softly before joining me and wrapping his arms around me securely and then I was out like a light.

"Mornin' " I sighed while stretching my arms and legs out.

"Mornin' darlin' " Jasper drawled.

I opened my eyes and was shocked by the compromising position me and my mate were in. Well, seeing as he is my mate, I guess its okay... Right? Yes. Of course, its not like he's a total stranger. From him and others I had learned a lot about my incredible mate. Therefore he wasn't a stranger. Problem solved.
I was lying on my back, still in my bikini with my legs spread apart. Jasper was nealing between my legs but was positioned over me with his arms resting either side of my waist, supporting his weight as to not crush me. His head was resting on my bare stomach and his was trailing kisses around my belly piercing before dipping dangerously low to the seam of my bikini bottoms.

"Jasper!" I hissed quietly, pulling his lips away from my skin.

"Yes darlin'?" He asked innocently.

"You know what Mr!" I scolded. Scowling playfully as I sat up onto to be pushed back down and have my mate hungrily claim my lips.

I gave a sharp tug to his honey blonde hair and he hissed slightly. I was the only person in the world who could get away with half the stuff I did and I knew it.

"Jasper, yer want ta visit camp today with me an' Percy an' Annabeth?" I asked after I had regained my breath. I guessed that Jasper wasn't expecting me to ask this as, well he looked utterly shocked.

"Erm, yea sure darlin' he replied after a moment.
"What are you going there for? Any particular reason?" He asked me.

"Well, I want to see a new demigod who is apparently the new Oracle. Chiron im'd me the other day, apparently something to do with the whole prophecy about us" I said, giving him a kiss and walking into his wardrobe which char had gone to the liberty to fill with all my clothes.

I got some ripped skinny jeans, some black boots and a shawl type thing and lay them to one side

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I got some ripped skinny jeans, some black boots and a shawl type thing and lay them to one side. I then found a t-shirt with the words 'nothing scares me anymore' written on it. This was basically my life quoted as I didn't have much to fear, well, apart from Olympus falling again... Oh well. I'll figure that out later, anyway.
I knew that with all my friends here at the school that I would always be able to get through everything life threw at us.
I quickly ran into the joined bathroom and turned on the shower, allowing it to heat before stripping and hopping in. Well, I didn't actually hop 'cause then I'd fall and that'd hurt then Jasper would get all worried and- rambling again aren't I? Yep.

I got in the shower and began Washington away the dirt and sweat of last nights celebration. I still had a massive hangover but I was happy that Jasper actually let me drink and even joined me. Unlike dickward. I splashed water on my face before turning of the water and getting out. I quickly dried myself before getting dressed and giving myself a once over in the mirror. My hair was like a nest still and I had bags under my eyes. How Jasper saw anything good in me was beyond me.
I mean, he was so kind, smart, caring, funny, handsome and so many other things I could go on forever. I on the other had was a danger magnet who could barely walk in a straight line without finding something to trip on.
I sighed but before I could process another thought I was suddenly being engulfed by a pair of strong arms. Jasper.
His arms tightened around me as I looked into his still green eyes. He was looking down on me with a pained, hurt expression which instantly made me panic.

"Jasper? What's wrong?" I asked in a panicked tone.

"Do-do you realy feel that way about yourself?" He asked, pain evident in his voice.

I looked down and berried my head into his chest, unable to look his in the eyes. I felt my eyes heat up as tears began streaming down my face. I felt so bad. Like the whole of the world was against me. I felt no one could make me feel better, not Percy, not Annabeth, not my mum or dad, not even my mate, Jasper.

"Darlin' yer a beautiful woman. I love yer an' so does everyone else here, they all care so much for ya. Have you seen the way Peter and char look at ya? Darlin' they do not just let anyone find a place in there heart, they truly care for ya" Jasper said, whilst rubbing soothing circles on my back. The way he held me it felt so right. It made me feel truly safe and loved.

"Thank you Jay" I whispered, wiping my eyes and giving him a quick kiss. Only then did I notice he had changed. "When did you get changed?" I asked.

"When you were in the shower" he replied with a grin.

I rolled me eyes before waving my hand over my head once, instantly removing the circles under my eyes and pulling my hair into a high messy pony tail.

"Perfect" I said before grabbing Jasper's hand and dragging him out the door. Well, more like leading him. If he didn't want to move I would have no chance of moving him. I may be a goddess but I have limitations.

"Bella!" Perdy called from outside the door. "Were here!" Annabeth added.

"Commin'!" I yelled back before kicking open the door and ushering them in.

"Might as well get this over with" Percy grumbled, unhappy that we were teleporting.

"Oh get over it ya whimp" I snapped, rolling me eyes before grabbing onto everyone and teleporting us back to camp.

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