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I clicked my fingers and gold sparks piled onto the floor and started pouring down the stairs, instantly catching everyone's attention. I pushed Charlotte towards to stairs but she shook her head and pulled me along with her.

"Together" she whispered as we began walking down the stairs. I'm sure I was bright red, I didn't like being the center of attention like this.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs everyone burst into applause as Peter instantly rushed over to his mate and kissed her. I could see how happy both of them were.

"I love ya dress darlin' have ya finally realised ya scars make ya beautiful?" Peter asked whilst placing chaste kisses along her exposed arm, making Charlotte giggle.

"Yes, with the help of a certain someone" she replied, looking directly at me.

I giggled before turning around only to come face to face with Josh.
I smiled and a and felt myself blush a bit. Me and josh had become very close recently and I might have started to develop a small crush on him. I knew it was noting serious as I had a mate but I knew I wasn't going to be seeing him anytime soon, despite what every sell in my body was screaming.

"May I have this dance?" He asked in a posh tone, making me laugh.

"Yes good sir, you may" I replied.

We all danced and drank and danced some more. By the end of the night me, Percy and Annabeth were all totally wasted.
It was hilarious.
We all ended up playing truth or dare and Annabeth and Percy got dared to make out every time someone said one of there names, that how they began dating.
(Like I said they would eventually)

Right there I knew I would defiantly love being here, it was my second home to everyone at camp.

Later that night, me, Percy and Annabeth decided to sneak off to camp. We got Charlotte to cover for us whilst we were gone.
It was so good to be back with all my friends and family, they all laughed at how drunk we were and Mr D and Chiron looked lost on what to do with a drunk goddess and her two besties.
Sophia, being the bitch she is tried to beat be in a duel and even in my incredibly drunk state I beat her easily. She realy needs to learn how to fight.
It was nearly midnight and we were no closer to sleeping then we were six hours ago so we all decided to play an unscheduled game of capture the flag, no one protested as we all loved this game but they made a rule that I had to wear a special ring that blocked my powers. It didn't block my kick ass fighting skills though, guess they were my own!

We played until the early hours of the morning when I teleported a sleeping Percy and Annabeth back to the dorms. I silently put Percy in his bed before putting Annabeth in her own. I then climed into my bunk and instantly fell asleep.

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