Camp Half-Blood

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I look down into camp and grin, all my anger and bitterness evaporates. I'm home, with all my friends and family I missed so much.
I ran down the hill as I spotted my cousin Percy and sister Annabeth.

"PERCY! ANNABETH!" I screamed getting the whole camps attention.

"BELLA!!" They both yell at the same time, zooming towards me.
I was tackled to the floor a second later by my two excitable siblings. I missed them so much.

"Bella!" I heard my other friends call, Clarissa, Zoey, Jack and Luke all came rushing over to me to give me a hug.

"I missed you all so much!" I squealed.

"Us to Bells, what happened with the leeches, last time we checked you were, erm getting pretty cosy" Annabeth said biting her lip.

I blushed fiercely, whilst feeling the pain from the Cullen's again. I let out an exasperated sigh and explained my whole story, with how we met to how they left me a few days ago.
By the end they all looked murderous for what the Cullen's had done to me. They really were the best friends I could wish for.

"Can we kill them?" Zoey asked pulling her sword out and swinging it around.

"NO! defiantly not, if you ever see them, please, promise me, don't kill them. OK?" I begged.

"Humph fine if we must" Percy grumbled, I could tell the others weren't happy they couldn't kill the Cullen's either.
There was a small space in my heart still that prevented me from ever letting any harm coming to them. Especially if it was because of me.

I was pulled out of my conversation by a familiar voice. "Bella, is that you?" He called.

I spun around to see Chiron and Mr D stood just outside the big house.

"The one and only" I replied with a smirk, walking over to them.

"Yep its defiantly you" Mr D said while rolling his eyes. "How was your quest?"

"Yes, the Cullen's are fine, they feed of animals, others however feed from humans. I will explain inside" I said walking past them into the big house.
When they were both sitting down I began my very, very long explanation.

Few, I have finally escaped! I missed my cabin, its so big and luxurious. I also missed my wardrobe, I actually have great fashion sense, but not like Alice's. I mean her style is nice.. Just not for me.
I looked in the mirror and realised I looked like I had just been killed, trampled by a heard of horses then brought back to life.
I jumped in the shower and sighed as the warm water soothed my skin. After fifteen minutes, I turned off the water walked over to my huge, walk in wardrobe I pull out a black leather jacket, a comfy, grey T-shirt, and some black, ripped skinny jeans. I then got my black ankle boots out and slipped therm on.
Yes, the old Bella is back.

Edwards POVI hate Emmet so much! He is the biggest jerk ever!I can't believe I did that to Bella, but I defiantly didn't want to kiss Tanya

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Edwards POV
I hate Emmet so much! He is the biggest jerk ever!
I can't believe I did that to Bella, but I defiantly didn't want to kiss Tanya. Ugh, I am never playing truth or dare again.
I was going to explain it all to Bella after but then she had a huge rage and stormed off. The thing she said hurt.
A lot.
It was totally unlike Bella, but then to make it worse, she has disappeared from Alice's visions. And seems to have also disappeared off the face of the earth.
That was five days ago, We have been searching for her ever since.
Poor, poor, Bella. All alone in the big world, what if she fell and hurt herself, what if Victoria fo- NO EDWARD STOP IT! I thought angrily to myself.
Bella! Were coming, hang on!

Me and my family have been searching nonstop for five days, we won't stop until we find her.
We will search for the rest of eternity if we must.
I am never playing truth or dare again. Ever.
We went to Charlie who didn't know she had gone, however I quickly caught him thinking about some place called camp Half-Blood. He then quickly started singing an irritating song in his head, almost like he knew I could hear his thoughts. Strange, but I know no matter what, Bella would never expose us to the humans.
Now, we are on our way to this 'camp Half-Blood'.

Bella's POV
"Yep, vampires, they were totally different to what I was expecting them to be" I told my friends as we were suing up to send some food offerings to our godly parents, I was feeling kind so I picked up some food for am the gods. As soon as I tossed it in the fire I heard there gratitude in my head.
Why only thank me? They never thank, or even talk to there own children so why me when I'm not even there own child.
I sat down on the Zeus table with Annabeth and Percy, we weren't realy allowed to do this but being the only living child of Zeus, I didn't want to sit on my own.
All the other tables were incredibly full as well so it was just a lot easier.

As we began eating, Chiron stood up to get everyone's attention. The dining tent instantly fell silent as everyone turned there attention to him.

"Ok good afternoon, I hope you all had a good day, as I'm sure your all a ware, Bella has now returned from her quest of learning about the vampires" as he said this, all my friends clapped and whooped, getting them a disapproving look from Mr D.

"yes, yes now containing, to celebrate, we will have a game of capture the flag tonight! However, a few monsters will be in the Forrest so watch out! The teams are, Zeus, Ares, Hestia, Hera, Apollo, Artemis on red team against everyone else who will be blue team" Chiron said happily.

Everyone loved capture the flag.
We all clapped and squealed excitably.

"Quick finish eating and we can go, you got Προστάτης with you Bella?" Percy asked.

"Well I can't exactly not have it with me can I?" I said sarcastically as I stood up. "See you latter Annabeth!" I called over my shoulder as I walked away.

She waved and walked over to her team as we joined ours. This is going to be fun.

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