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I had asked all the witches, wizards sorcerers, sorceresses and warlocks if they knew any memory erasing spells and after a while, I found one who did.
A sorceress called Jenny agreed to help me. She was a very powerful sorceress and I managed to learn many new spells without her asking questions. I also learned the difference between witches/ wizards and sorceress and warlocks.
Sorcerers could do all magic without a wand. They started off as witches or wizards then progressed into more powerful beings, sorceress.
Warlocks were a completely different species, they were extremely completed and way to boring for me to pay much attention to anything Jenny said about them.

For the spell to work, we would have to mix it in with some food or water, then get Conner and Jason to eat it. After that, they should be knocked out withing two minutes and all knowledge of the supernatural world will be gone.
They would be sent back to live with there parents who thought they had been a to boarding school. Of course this meant we also had to make up fake memories for both boys but hey! I said Jenny was powerful right? I seriously meant it.

Telling Peter and Charlotte we would have to lock them up for the day wasn't a fun conversation... For Percy and Annabeth.
Yep, I made them do it.
I had done enough for them so I made them do this one job. I may have also threatened feeding them to the hellhounds if they didn't do it but, oh well.

"OK, you two ready?" I asked Peter and Charlotte.

They shared one last kiss, full of love and passion before nodding and being lead away from each other. It would only be a few hours hopefully but they would still be very on edge.
I smiled reassuringly at Charlotte as she bit her lip whilst using all her will power to not run back to the comfort of her mates arms.

"It will be okay Charlotte. I promise." I said, giving her hand a quick squeeze.

"I hope so" she whispered. We had needed to get them both into the clothes they were wearing a few days ago to not raise suspicion. This made Charlotte and Peter two very grumpy vampires for the rest of the day.

The weather has luckily stayed consistently sunny the whole time we've been here. Hot sunny days, the total opposite to forks. Looking back, I have no idea why I ever stayed there. The protection charm on the soil also stops all the vampires from sparkling, that's extremely lucky as if it didn't, well that would realy hurt everyone's eyes.

As we walked along the campus, the hot Texas air made my loose strands of hair whip around my face. My hair was in a messy bun and being held back my a white head tie. I had taken an undeniable love for cowgirl hats and boots and wore them with nearly all my outfits. At the moment, I'm wearing a black wife beater with a pink, checkered tie up top over along with some light blue flare jeans. Obviously, I had my cowboy boots and hat on and for a final touch, I had a was of gold rings on my fingers.

We barged open the heavy door and all shivered with the memories of our last visit here. Charlotte's nerves got the best of her as her feet locked and she refused to take another step inside. She began to violently shake and whines and whimpers tumbled from her lips.

"Charlotte c'mon" I said, tugging at her arm in a useless attempt to mover her.

After a few minutes of pointless tugging, pushing and shoving I finally had enough. Peters 'knower' of a gift which he refused to admit was a gift, knew that they would arrived back at the school at exactly 13:42. It was currently 13:37.
We only had five minute to get r back and make it look believable.

"Hypnos" I muttered, instantly knocking her out.

Percy opened his mouth to make some snarky comment but the look I gave him quickly persuaded him not to.

"Quick, we only have a few minutes" Annabeth gasped.

We all carried an unconscious Charlotte back into the bedroom where she was meant to be, we quickly chained her in again and scattered a few horrific looking weapons around the room.
Just as we finished the sound of the door clicking open peirced the air.
They were back.

Everyone fell silent. None of us wanted to break it, to start the inevitable.

"Why can't I hear her screamin' in ag- oh" Jason said, walking in before abruptly halting and a smirk making its way across his face. "Conner! Come see this!" He called over his shoulder.

"What? What've they do- wow! Yes! They broke the lil bitch!" He exclaimed, walking up to Charlotte and giving her a firm kick, making her whimper.

I had to lock my muscles and bite back a growl to stop myself from killing them right there. Over the last few days I had got very close to Peter and Charlotte, or Char as she had asked me to call her.

"I think this deserves a celebration" Jason cheered. Sending our plans into action, they were doing all the work for us without even knowing!

"Yea! Let's " Percy exclaimed, fist pumping the air.

We were all sat in the living room of peter and Charlotte's courters. Connor and Jason were telling us all the evil, sick plans they had thought of over the last few days and were making us tell them everything we had 'done' to Charlotte. We were constantly having to make up lies and cover up little slips we made. We had finally got around to having some drinks and me and Percy had made our way into the kitchen where the wines were apparently stored.
We opened a draw tat was actually more of a cupboard and was full to the brim with alcoholic beverages. Percy grabbed a big bottle of expensive looking wine. We might as well enjoy it right?

As we poured it out into five cups, I mixed the memory potion into two of the cups. The wine flashed a brilliant emerald green for a second before going back to its original, clear-ish colour.
I took Conner and Jason's cups as we didn't want them getting mixed up with ours.
We didn't want this to turn into one of those cliché fairy tales where that happened.
We all knew this was reality, and a reality far from a fairytale.

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