I am the goddess of war

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We went around the corner and carried on walking until Peter and Charlotte froze, causing me to nearly walk into Charlotte's back.

"Guys! What the-" I stopped short when I saw who was waiting at the barrier.

There, stood no more than two hundred meters away, were the Cullen's.

"Oh gods" I mumbled.

I guess this is 'one fateful day'

A part of me wanted to run, run away from everything. Away from this school, away from this world of supernatural, away from everything I've ever know.
Another part of me wanted to walk right over there and give the 'golden twins' a piece of my mind.
That part of me was bigger, way bigger.
I marched straight over to them, ignoring everyone's protests. They would all understand in a minute, they all knew about my history with the Cullen's and hated them almost as much as I did.
I continued my journey, glaring at the frightened looking coven of vampires the whole time. I could practically see confusion radiating off them but that would be gone soon, along with everyone else's confusion.

"Hello cullens" I spat through clenched teeth. Causing a wave of gasps to spread around behind me. "Jasper" I said in a softer voice, looking him in the eyes.

At that moment everything stopped.
I didn't care about his 'family' watching us.
I didn't care about my family watching us.
I didn't care I he was the god of war.
I forgot I was a goddess of war.
At that moment in time, for the first time in a long time, I felt complete and utter contentment. I felt safe, I felt like I truly belonged.
I felt our mate bond get even stronger.

I was pulled from my happy daze by someone clearing there throat. I instantly snapped my attention to the idiot who interrupted me.
I hated being interrupted and everyone knew that. I'll give you a guess at who it was, go on.

If you said Edward, then you were correct!
Gods, I sound like a game show host now, tha- darn ADHD. Continuing.
At that moment my self control snapped and I smacked Edward.
Alice hissed at me, sounding like a kitten while I shocked them all by growling right back at her.

"What do ya want fuckward?" I growled, satisfied when I heard everyone laugh behind me and saw the corners of Jasper's lips tug up a bit.

"What the fuck was that for" he spat, rubbing his cheek where a crack had appeared.

"Oh, I think you'll understand my actions" I said while rolling my eyes and clicking my fingers.
Instantly, Annabeth, Percy and I were back to our normal selves as they joined me by my side.

The Cullen's eyes widened almost commercially as they all took in sharp breaths.
"Did you miss me?" I asked sarcastically before turning my back and walking away.

"Bella! Get back here right now! You look ridiculous what have you done to your hair! As your mate I demand you take that horrid colour out your hair!" Edward yelled after me. Making me stop dead in my tracks. The whole time through his little rant, Jasper was growling bloody murder.

"Well Edward. I do NOT look ridiculous. This shit is all coming from a 113 year old virgin who's been dead for the last, I don't know, 93 years! YOU ARE NOT MY MATE SO YOU CAN NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I KNOW WHO MY MATE IS AND YOU ARE NOT HIM! HADES, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I REALY AM!" I screamed, once again causing a massive lightning storm to brew and lightning to strike the ground around me.
Everyone at the school knew not to be afraid of me when I got like this but to just keep there distance.

"Well who are ya realy then darlin'?"  Jasper said, instantly calming me.

I froze. I didn't know how to answer this, I mean I could say I'm different, that will make them all want more though... I could... Ugh you know what!
"I am the goddess of war" I whispered before teleporting away, away from everything.
Away from civilization, away from the Cullen's, away from Olympus, away from the school, away from camp, away from my home.
I just needed time. I didn't want to see Jasper's reaction to who I was.
I knew he wouldn't want to be mated to me. I was week and pathetic compared to him, I was worthless and small.
He was so strong, handsome, brave and so many other amazing things that I wasn't.

Only then did I realise I was somewhere deep in a forrest and it was pouring with rain I had no idea how long I had been lost in my thoughts but by the way I felt and looked, I was guessing quite a while. I was soaking and freezing. I began shivering violently and realised how drained of energy I felt.
I couldn't move, my head was spinning and all I could hear was the constant rain pelting down.
Suddenly the ground started getting very close to my face, each second it got closer I closed my eyes, waited for the impact but it never came.
Slowly, I opened my eyes to see two love filled, pitch black eyes looking down at me, they weren't the amber colour of jasper so I was guessing it was the major here at the moment. I obviously knew a lot about him, Peter had told me a lot about my mate and his split personalities over the last few years. Most people thought the major and Ares were just myths but I knew better. Major was a split personality while Ares, the idiot, was a different being all together. He decided to join onto jaspers body while he was still human, but when he was turned became trapped inside. 

"Mine!" He  cried worriedly, terror evident in his voice and eyes.

"Major" I whispered weekly, seeing the look of shock flicker across his face before I passed out, for the first time in three and a half years.
However, before I did so, I used the last of my strength to teleport us both back to the school.

Jasper's POV

"I am the goddess of war" Bella whispered.

Wait, the goddess of war? Is she? I looked over at Peter, of course that fucker would know with his gift that's not a gift and what's not. He nodded slightly confirming my suspicions that she was intact, my mate.
However, to my horror, when I looked back to where she was stood just a second before, she was gone.

Instantly I began to panic. "WHERE IS SHE" I roared, making everyone back up, I saw black stops start to cover my vision and allowed it.
Everyone else says they see red when they are angry. I see black, I guess its the people who see black you truly have to fear.
My eyes snapped open and i knew exactly what peter and Char were thinking: the Major of the southern wars is out to play.

The Major's POV

"Captain report!" I commanded as he and his mate instantly rushed over to stand in front of me.

"Major" the captains mate said in greeting, I nodded before asking the important question.

"Where is mine?" I growled.

"I believe she ended up in the Amazon rain forest, one of our witches, Morgan has a spell that will get you to her" my captain replied.

"Morgan, where are you" I said as a small woman rushed towards me, keeping her eyes down in submission.

"Here it is Major" she began, waving her hand as a small pearl appeared in it. "Think of Bella-" I cut her of by growling fiercely. "I'm sorry, your mate, then step on it and you'll be there" she finished handing me the small green Pearl.

I instantly placed it down before picturing mine with her beautiful purple hair, small button nose and her silver eyes and suddenly felt myself being soaked. My eyes flew open to see I was intact in the rainforest but it was pouring with rain and I had to get mine out of here before mine got ill.
I was suddenly hit with a shit tonne of loathing, self hatred, rejection and helplessness and instantly recognized them as mines feelings. I was furious she was feeling such things. I rushed over to where they were coming from only to see mine looking like a beautiful fallen Angel.

Her purple hair was plastered to her back and she was shaking violently she suddenly began falling but I rushed over and caught mine before she could hit the ground. She slowly opened her eyes and I was glad to see mine was okay. But mine had to be better than okay, mine had to be perfect.

"Mine" I whispered worriedly.

"Major" she replied. I was shocked. She knew of me? I looked at her as her eyes slowly closed and her breathing got slower. She was almost unconscious.

Only then did I realise we had no way of getting back, however the moment I thought this we were surround by golden sparks and were suddenly back at the school and somehow I knew it was thanks to mine. She truly was amazing.

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