Camp half blood

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"Ouch" Percy wailed as he landed on his ass with Annabeth on top of him whilst me and Jasper flipped over, landing on our feet.

"Thanks for the landing, like a pillow seaweed brain" Annabeth snickered while getting up and rushing towards the top of the hill where Thalia's tree was.

"Wait up!" I yelled as I began dragging Jasper up, catching Percy's arm on the way. Soon we were all running up to the top of the hill, giggles passing Annabeth and my lips as we failed to contain our excitement. I could see Jasper looking at me lovingly, being happy that I was happy.
We continued running down the otherwise of the hill, scouting the camp below for other campers. After a moment we realised it was during the lunch hour here so everyone would be in the mess tent eating. Perfect.

"C'mon c'mon" Annabeth said in her Texan accent which, along with Percy's had grown to be fairly strong after a while though no wear near a strong as mine, Jasper, Peter or Char's.

We all rushed into the mess tent, trying to blend in and stick to the outskirts to avoid attention. I had told the three of them my plan through the mind like I had made and they all found it very amusing.
All the campers were gathered around the front of the leaders tabled as Chiron and Mr D gave the announcements.

"So, tonight is the campfire in honor of Hanna, the new Oracle. Sadly the old oracle lost her touch but Hanna here is an amazing replacement" Chiron said in a fake cheery tone.
"Yes and please don't pester her" Mr D said not sounding at all bothered before Chiron continued talking. "Hmm, anyways. Lastly and most importantly-"

"We are back!" I yelled, cutting of Chiron and getting everyone's attention. Everyone stared at us for a second in shock, they hadn't seen is in dearly a year now and were not expecting to see us any time soon. Well, Mr D and Chiron might but hey, I don't know.

"BELLA! PERCY! ANNABETH! OTHER RANDOM GUY!" someone yelled from the heap of startled campers. I looked at this person, and discovered it was Mia, a daughter of Aphrodite. She was a loud, bubbly girl who was always getting into trouble for doing stupid- yet funny- things.
Only a few of the campers, Mr D and Chiron knew who Jasper was and were looking at Mia with wide, and slightly fearful eyes. They knew my mate was the god of war, they didn't know that he was a total softie unless you threatened me.

"Everyone, this is Jasper. My mate" I said, causing gasps to ripple around the crowd as everyone took a step back. I knew Jasper hated people fearing him so I quick added. "He's a total softie as long as none of ya try to kill me" everyone relaxed and began piling food onto their plates and sending offerings to the gods. I even got a few myself and I finally understand why the gods love the offerings so much.

I walked up to Mr D and smiled slightly keeping my eyes on my mate as I knew how possessive he was of me. It wasn't in an Edward possessive way, more of a cute, loving Jasper way. "So who's this new oracle you've been raving about?" I asked lightly.

"Hanna's over in the big house at the moment. As you can imagine she's still getting used to the prospect of being the new oracle." He replied while chewing his mouthful of food.

That's so gross. Ewww.

"Thanks" I mumbled as I walked back to meet Jasper. "You two stay here okay? We'll be right back" I said to Percy and Annabeth who were having there share of food. Just looking at it all made me hungry I should have ate earlier. Oh well.

I linked Jasper's fingers through mine and held him close to me as I began our journey to the big house. I wonder why they call it that? I mean yea it's big an all but really? The big house. Creative much.
When we arrived outside I stopped and took a deep breath. Jasper gave me a reassuring kiss and I lead him inside and sat him in a chair.

"I'll need to do this lone OK? I'll be right Bach honey" I said giving him a short passionate kiss before standing up and making my way towards the loft.

"I love ya darlin' don't ya ever forget that." He called to me as I began climbing the old ladder to the loft.

I smiled at Jasper's kind, loving words. He always knew how to make me happy. Such a loving man is also rarely at least half of the things my Jasper is. Gods I loved him. If he asked me to jump of a cliff blindfolded to slaughter a whole village I would do so no Questions asked. As long as he was happy. I knew he would also do the sane to me as we had once discussed this. I didn't remember how we got onto the conversation but we had.

I know I don't live in a fairytale world, like I have said many times before, but I do believe in happy endings.

That should be by sort of motto: Hello, my name is Bella Swan, and I do believe in happy endings.

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