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"Bella! Bella! Are you even paying attention?" Nancy screamed at me, effectively pulling me from my daze.

Nancy was a witch, and had been training me on handling my powers for the last week whenever I wasn't in battle training or doing the thousands of tasks I got landed with as soon as I became a goddess. The battle training was good, as being the goddess of war suddenly made my fighting ability increase dramatically. Percy and Annabeth had also gladly agreed to stay with me until I returned to camp at the end of the month. To keep up with their training they often joined me as we all dueled against each other, me winning most the time.

I wasn't really in the mood for magic training, it was already six and I had had an exhausting day.
Battle training, ancient Greek, Latin, scroll writing, speeches, introducing myself as the 'thirteenth Olympian' time and time again. Ughh to much effort!

Magic training was interesting, but Nancy made it incredibly boring. She took so long explaining everything before she let me even attempt to do it. According to her I had the magical capability of a witch that has been training for about fifteen years though I had been training for a few hours a day for the last week. I'm not going to complain, it's awesome.
So far I had managed to complete such tasks as, changing my appearance, shift into animals, fly, turn invisible, make things magically appear, heal animals, humans and other supernatural beings, levitation of objects and people ,control the elements as well as lots of other general stuff.

"OK, so Bella, as this is your final lesson of training, were going to continue on you teleportation. I will show you a picture of a place and you have to go there OK?" She asked as I nodded.

She held out a photo of a giant tree in the middle of a grass field, I shut my eyes and pictured the huge tree and the long grass. I thought of the way the ground dropped down on both sides creating a hill and soon felt the sensation of falling. A second later I felt myself stabilize and opened my eyes, I did it! In front of me was a huge oak tree. The picture defiantly didn't do the tree justice to how big it realy was. I teleported back to Nancy and she showed me another location to which I teleported to. This continued a few times, I got a tour of Olympus at the same time though. I was getting bored and a major headache, using so much of my magical energy at once wasn't my favorite thing to to in my spare time.

"Are we done yet?" I moaned crumpling to the floor dramatically.

"One last one!" Nancy called getting a photo out of her bag. " this ones a bit different" she said walking towards me.

"How so?" I asked, raising a brow.

"Its on earth" she said.

WHAT! how was I meant to do that? Was it the same? Or different? Oh well only one way to Ind out I guess.
I looked at the photo, seeing it was a Texan styles ranch house I guessed it was down south somewhere. I closed my eyes and pictured the ranch. Soon I felt the familiar feeling of falling only this time, it was different. It felt like I was being pushed down a straw then through a siv, it was a horrible feeling. Just as suddenly as it began it was over. I felt my feet touch the ground and let out a sigh of relief.

I spoke to soon as the sound of hissing caused my eyes to snap open. I was indeed at the selected ranch, however in this picture now, two extremely pissed vamps stood in front of it. Oh shit.

"Erm, hi?.." I said even though it sounded more like a question.

I took a moment to observe them, there was a male and a female, the female was crouched slightly behind the hissing so I guessed they were mated. The male, who was snapping his jaw and hissing threateningly at me was covered in scars, this should have been screaming a danger warning at me but I couldn't find in in myself to be afraid. Maybe it was because a part of my soul was in them? Maybe I just had major preservation issues.
He had short scruffy dirty blonde hair and bright red eyes, his features were all sharp and angular and he must have been about 6.3'.

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