party preparation

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As we poured it out into five cups, I mixed the memory potion into two of the cups. The wine flashed a brilliant emerald green for a second before going back to its original, clear-ish colour.
I took Conner and Jason's cups as we didn't want them getting mixed up with ours.
We didn't want this to turn into one of those cliché fairy tales where that happened.
We all knew this was reality, and a reality far from a fairytale.

We walked into the living room, drinks in hand only to see Annabeth trying to act casual and failing miserably. She was sat in a single arm chair whilst the evil duo were sprawled on the leather cough with there filthy boots rested on the class coffee table in the middle of all the chairs.

"Here y'all go" I drawled, handing Jason and Conner there drinks as Percy gave Annabeth hers and sat both mine and his on the table.

"Cheers to a victory!" Conner exclaimed, banging his glass roughly against Jasons before they both downed the whole glass.

Yes! It was done!
A second later they both collapsed as the speel began working. Annabeth rushed to the door and opened it as two big vamps rushed in and carried the evil duo away.

"WE DID IT!" I screamed, tackling Percy and Annabeth into a hug.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Charlotte roared from the other room before the sound of chains being thrashed around filled the air.

"Well I guess she's awake then" Percy mumbled as we opened the door to her room.

"Char, it okay. Don't worry hun. There gone. Let's get ya back ta ya mate" I said.

Her head instantly snapped up to my face.
"Sug, how have you already got an accent like tha?" She asked in shock as I quickly began unchaining her.

"I dunno, probably another freaky goddess perk" I muttered.

"Sweet pea, nothin' is freaky 'bout ya. Ya a perfect lil lady" Char replied, giving me a tight hug before walking out to get changed a find her mate.

Later - in some hall in the school that exists because I say so.

"Hey y'all! I know the last few days have been hectic an all. But that's all done an- dusted now, an' we couldn't done it without our newest students, Izzy, Beth an' Peirce." Peter said to the large crowd of people.

Everyone cheered and clapped as a few gave us hugs and whistles filed the room. It was finally back to normal and we were all seeing how things usually were at this... Unique school. Everyone got along and messed around all day without a care in the world. However, everyone was looking out the us, the humans. It gave me a real sense of belonging. Percy and Annabeth were having an amazing time as this school reminded us all of camp in some ways. We were told that there were usually lessons but obviously they had been postponed over the last few days.
It was strange to think we had only been here a week yet it had been one of the most intense weeks ever.
I should make a list of these realy.

Bella's intense weeks (in the last three months)

1) being in the infirmary seven times over three days.

2) breaking up with douchward the first time and going back to camp.

3) breaking up with him again and finding out I'm a flipping goddess.

4) all the excessive shit I had to do as a goddess. (Technically three weeks)

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