Lady problems

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We arrived at the border of camp a second later, due to my experience, I landed gracefully on my feet.
Percy and Annabeth... Not so much.

After Percy and Annabeth had both finished whining about feeling sick, we climbed to the top of half blood hill and looked over down into the valley camp was in and smiled. Nothing had changed in the last month at least. Demigods still battled out on the woods, while others harvested the berries in the crop fields. Many were either swimming in the lake or sunbathing in the warm heat. The big house hadn't burned down by Mr D's awful cooking and a smiling Mr D and Chiron could be seen outside.

Wow, Mr D smiling! That's a thing I will need proof of. I thought quickly magicking up my camera and snapping a photo.
I took one after this as well as it was funny to see his face turn into a hug scowl.

We walked down the hill quickly, and headed towards the big house, my purple hair swaying lightly in the breeze.
As we passed the other campers, there eyes widened in shock, at my hair or just me, I couldn't tell. There expressions were hilarious though.

When Mr D and Chiron caught sight of the colour of my hair, there jaws nearly fell to the ground. Me, Percy and Annabeth all had to suppress our laughter, trying to act serious.
Yea... So not in our nature.
After a few seconds we all burst out laughing and come to a standstill in front of the two camp leaders.

"B-bella! Your hair... Its erm, different!" Mr D stuttered.

"Yea! I dyed it purple! You like it?" I squealed.

"Well, it does suit your adventurous personality, how are you by the way, being the latest goddess an all" Chiron said after Mr D lost the ability to talk.

"First thanks and I'm good, who knew being a goddess could be so tiring, and hungering" I said as my stomach growled.

"Hungering, is that even a word? What do you think?" I asked, turning to Percy before rambling on for a bit.

"Well, dinner is in half an hour, so why don't you go and get freshened up?" Mr D said after finding his tongue, cutting me off mid rant.

After, we all said goodbye before heading off to our separate cabins, as soon as I got I to mine, I headed straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower, after the room started steaming up, I undressed and jumped in. As I was washing, I thought back to when I first discovered I was a demigod.


It was my twelfth birthday and me, my Mum, Suzie and dad, Henry, were all eating my cake. It was a normal evening, well until a stupid fury decide to join the party. The darn thing killed my own parents in front of me. Then, out of no wear is girl appears, and killed it. It was Thalia, my half sister as I later found out. She had been sent to find me and bring me back to camp.
On the way we met a boy named Luke and a girl named Annabeth. Me Annabeth and Thalia were all very close while Luke was always an outsider. When we were finally arriving camp, we were ambushed by a group of freaky giant Cyclopses.
Thalia sacrificed her life for us, but my true father, Zeus saw Kitty and turned her into a tree, Thalia's tree, her spirit create the magical border, making camp half blood a safe haven for all demigods. So no harm could ever come to a demigod inside the camp.

Her bravery and sacrifice off a life inspired many others and saved countless amounts of lives.
That was six years ago, and not a day passes where I don't think of Thalia.
That's the real reason I don't like celebrating my birthday, as its also the day of the death of my well, I guess not birth parents, but they were my mum and dad. Mums and dads are different to mothers ands fathers.
I always tried not to celebrate my birthday but did the Cullen's ever respect my wish?
No! No they didn't!
Damn them! Stupid bloodsucking leec- oh wait, I sorta made them and am mated to one of them... Oh well..
Soz Jasper..

I snapped out of my thinking when I noticed my fingers had pruned and Annabeth was knocking on my door. I quickly turned off the water and wrapped my towel around myself before opening the door.
There stood a very flustered looking Annabeth.

"What's wron-" I started before she cut me off.

"Lady problems"

Oh, the joys.

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