Infultrating The Den Of Discord

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It had been two days since peter and charlottes capture.
Since then, we had been watching from a safe distance, well, watching as well as you can considering Charlotte is being held in her and peters own room, which is impenetrable, and Peter is still in the darn box pit thingy.

Connor and Jason seemed to have made up and were now enjoying causing as much pain as possible to peter and Charlotte.
Evil dicks.
They were starving them and constantly taunting them with blood apparently.
I hated it, we were going to pretend to 'join the dark side', as Percy called it, later today.
Another thing I discovered, titanium is indestructible to vampires, and burns their skin.
I swore to myself, if they were using them on peter and Charlotte, I would kill them. Yet, I knew they were doing exactly that.

"Izzy, ya OK?" Billy asked, noticing my far away expression.

"Yea, I'm fine hun, just thinkin' 'bout tonight" I replied quietly, so only he would hear, letting out a sigh.

Billy nodded before turning his attention back to the game everyone was watching.
Billy, Gemma and Sophie all knew about the plan Annabeth, Percy and I had made. They agreed that they would help us, act 'horrified' with us, to make it more authentic.
We didn't tell Rebecca , Josh, Maia and Charlie as we didn't want everyone knowing. If we got in, Sophie , Billy and Gemma would tell them the plan.

"Izzy, should we go for a walk?" Annabeth asked, signaling it was time to go.

I looked up at the clock, and sure enough, it was 4:30, the time we had to leave. I swallowed back my nervousness, suddenly feeling very self conscious.

"Sure, you wanna come to Percy, im'a get a drink first, ya want one?" I said.

"Sure!" They both said, eyes brightening. They both knew what this 'drink' was.
Nectar, the most delicious thing ever.

We walked into our room that the three of us were sharing and I conjured up three cups of nectar.
We all dank them greedily until it was all finished.

"Lets go" Annabeth finally said. We were all dreading this, but it had to be done.

"Bye guys" we called, walking quickly out of the dorms. We all knew we had to to this now before we turned back. You can do it Bella! You can do it! I kept chanting that over and over in my head.

Its going to be fine Bella! Be strong, we believe in you all. My mother said incuragely.

We continued walking across the campus, slowly getting closer and closer towards our destination.
I smiled softly as we knocked at the door.
There's no turning back now.
A moment later, the door swung open, revealing Connor and Jason, both wielding huge knives.

"Wowowowow, please can you put them down" Percy rambled as we all took a step back.

They lowered the knives slightly as Conner said "what da ya want?"

"We want ta join ya" I said, taking charge of the talking on our side.

"What, why?" Jason said, sounding convincingly shocked.

"Because we hate them both" Annabeth spat.

"How can you hate them, you dont know them" Conner shot back.

"Well, for the very short time I did know them, THEY MANAGED TO LOCK ME IN THERE GOD DAMN OFFICE!" I screamed. "I mean, who does that, they are obviously evil jerks"

Bella! Offensive! Hermes Iscreached, along with all the other gods.

Hey, I'm offending myself as well so shut it I yelled, causing them all to go quite.
Exactly I snapped.

"BETH! IZZY! PEIRCE! WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'? " Gemma screamed from across the other side of the huge court ground.
Good. They remembered the plan.
I saw Maia, Josh and the others all approaching behind her, some with fake masks of shock and horror, others with genuine.

"OK, yes we will let ya help, we need some new forms of punishment for thesse two anyhow, there mighty stubborn" Jason said, puling us all in and slamming the heavy metal door.

We were in!

"Welcome to the den of discord, she's just down that hall, second door on the right, go have some fun with her, she's your for the rest of the week, were going to town to get some new stuff" Connor said as he and Jason picked up two already packed rucksacks. "Oh and he, is in the box pit, here are the keys" he finished, tossing me a single key attached to a keyring.

"Thanks" Annaneth said as they walked to the door.

"Oh, and don't hold back with the punishments, they need toughing up" Jason smirked, before they were both gone.

OK, so its Wednesday, there coming back on Sunday, now we just have to figure out how to free them, shouldn't be that hard. Right?

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