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I awoke in an unfamiliar place, I wasn't at camp so where was I?
The earlier events of today slowly came drifting back to me.
Well, I think it was today.

I was a goddess, the one spoken about in the prophecy.
I am going to kill my dad for keeping this from me!
Why didn't he tell me? Why didn't any of the gods tell me?
I guess this answers the question of why they are always so protective of me though.

Then I was struck by two major points.
1) Who is my mother?
2) My mate is Jasper!

Oh. My. Gods! Jasper is my mate!
Well this is going to be very awkward if I ever meet them again, I mean just imagine that conversation.

Start of fantasy

Hey piano playing virgin, pixiepire, Mr muscles, Goldie locks, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme! How are you!?
Oh hi Bella were fine! you?
I'm great thanks!
Wait, how are you alive its been ... Years?!
Ermm bye!
Oh Jasper, your my mate BTW! *god travels to Olympus*

End of fantasy

Yep, definitely want to avoid that, anyways back to the present.
Where am I?

I took a proper look around for the first time, I was in the most beautiful room I had ever seen. I was lying comfortably on a bed that was up against one wall with a huge canopy above my head.
A gold Chandler hung from the roof with ten candles placed on the end of each arm, waiting to be lit at night fall. There are many white and cream chairs and a few ottoman dotted around the room, the pillows and fabric on them are all slightly displaced so I guess that people have been here watching me sleep. Again. Ugh, don't these people have anything better to do?! This is Edward all over again!

 Ugh, don't these people have anything better to do?! This is Edward all over again!

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I decided to have a look around and was amazed by the size of this one room. There was a door to the right of my bed that led to a huge on suit, it had a giant sunk in bath tub, made from white marble, a white sink with gold taps and a white walk in shower. Even the toilet was white!
I looked in the large mirror over the sink and gasped quietly, my eyes weren't even brown now! They were silver!
Why cant the stay brown with the weird rainbow shimmer thing? I moaned in my mind.

Because that would be boring! Aphrodite squealed, causing me to literally jump a foot in the air.

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