Back to camp

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I awoke to the bright sunlight pooring through my windows. I slowly opened my eyes, rubbing them in the process, as I sat up I smiled as I saw a lock of my newly acquired purple hair fall into my eyes.

Brushing it away I headed strait to my wardrobe deciding not to have a shower, as apparently gods don't need to. I grinned as I saw just how perfect my wardrobe was. I picked out a high-low dress that was a light bluey- green colour with flowers printed on it. I also grabbed some high heal wedge sandals and slipped them on.

I clicked my fingers and my hair de-tangled itself and flowed down my shoulders in soft waves

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I clicked my fingers and my hair de-tangled itself and flowed down my shoulders in soft waves. I would have to thank Nancy for that magic book.
I walked over to my dresser and put on some sparkly lip gloss. I really didn't need any make up as my complexion was clear. Score!
Taking one last look in the mirror, I tossed my lip gloss back into my makeup bag and left my room, my dress and hair flowing dramatically behind me.
I walked towards the dining room as I heard everyone eating their breakfast already. I loved how I seemed to just know my way around as if I has lived here my whole life, I loved the feel of the fresh air blowing against my skin as I sat on my balcony or walked the gardens and most of all I loved how free I felt.
No more stupid Cullen's dictating my life.
If anything I should be dictating there's! I mean I did create them. Geesh!

By now I had reached the dining room and could clearly hear everyone's conversations.

"I hope Bella's OK, were going back to camp today and Mr D said we were going on a quest" Annabeth whispered to Percy as he mumbled his agreement in between mouthfuls, of what were no doubt pancakes.

"I wonder what caused her to act like that last night? " my mum asked Aphrodite.

"Probably tired, Nancy said it was extremely tiring to use the amount of magic she was using at once" Aphrodite replied.

I could hear the rest of the gods eating so decided to face them now. I held my head high, smiled and pushed open the door. I heard them all gasp as I tried to hold in my laughter.

"BELLA ITS AMAZING!" Annabeth screamed breaking the silence and standing up so fast her chair fell over. She charged towards me and gave me a huge hug before looking at my hair.

"If its what you like, then we do to Bella" my dad said whilst everyone else nodded. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and smiled in relief. The wasn't going to be a world war three for the time being.

"Come, eat" my mum called patting a seat beside her and my father.

I quickly sat down and dug into my food, I was starving. I hadn't eaten last night and was now feeling the effect it had on my body.

"I should be the goddess of awesomeness as well" I said in between mouthfuls of food.

"That you should, your defiantly going to stand out from the rest of us wait until Dionysius sees you, you'll give him a heart attack." Hera chuckled.

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