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assalamualaikum readers, well here is the epilogue, as much as i don't want this book to end but sadly it has to, so a warning the epilogue is slightly different from other chapters, ya know has a bit of mature content ;), so enjoy the epilogue and sequel will be updated shortly, until then take care :)


(6 months later)

saadia's pov

5 years and 6 months later guess what? i'm sitting here in my heavy lehenga preparing myself for my walima, yes my walima, with whom? isn't it obvious well it certainly is, its zubair of course. six months ago when i had returned home my mum was so overjoyed that when she saw me at the doorway instead of climbing down the stairs she skid down the railing 'cool mommy' isn't she? i was so happy to see that zafir and farrah had a beautiful daughter named rafa, she was four years old and right now she is sitting on my lap nibbling on a bar of chocolate, how cute. raeef as expected was pursuing his goals as a automobile engineer, though he was expected to be a business man but i was glad he followed his dreams and my pretty sister sania had got engaged to an awesome man, rafique was surely a perfect match for sania, he was funny, entertaining and i'm sure sania won't miss raeef at all because rafique and raeef were very similar in nature and as for zubair........ well he hadn't yet gotten over me, i had scolded him in the beginning but broke down at last because my heart swelled up with joy, 5 years later too i was the same in his eyes and i wanted nothing more than to be with him. he wanted the nikkah just after a month of me coming back but i needed time to prepare so after a long argument we agreed to today. currently i'm sitting here in the bride's room while airah the great is dabbing kgs of make-up on my face.

"is it done?" i tried to speak

"shut up let me finish"

"you have been saying that from allah knows when"

"okay okay done, do you need blush because once you see your hubby you are gonna blush anyways if i apply any extra you will look like a red bell pepper"

"stupid" with that i smacked her hands away from my face and turned to look around in the mirror. well who was this, nah this can't be me.

"yes it is you" airah replied with a chuckle.did i wonder that aloud?

"no you didn't it is just that i know you too well"

"i swear you practice witchcraft"i said sarcastically. suddenly airah's face fell but she smiled. she hugged me from behind and a stray tear fell down her eyes onto my shoulder.

"you know what?" she asked


"um i'm gonna miss you, though i have never admitted this but i always........loved to bicker with you, an i'm gonna seriously miss this" she said sadly, i too was on the verge of tears, ismail and airah had their wedding just last month and after our wedding they would be going to sweden as for me stupid zubair's company's headquarters was shifted to london, at first i was really sad leaving behind my family but was excited as well. i was happy to learn that adeela would be there but luck isn't something good with me, her wedding was 5 months back, yes aayan and adeela couldn't wait and they had shifted back to new york.

"i'm gonna miss you more" i said as a tear fell down

"i'm gonna miss you the most" came adeela's voice from the doorway as she came and joined the group hug, we stayed a little longer and then tears started to fall.

"hey you are ruining my masterpiece, do not cry understood?" airah ordered as she thrust a box of tissues to me.

"okay now come on your groom has arrived, he certainly cannot wait to look at you" adeela winked at me, i blushed.

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