help us out of this mess

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zubair's pov

ya allah where is she? how is she? my mind was a puzzled mess, i don't know what to do honestly. its been half an hour, we searched for them everywhere, around the hotel, inside the store room where the shoe and watch was found, and now we were heading towards the police station, i guess and i know faaris has kidnapped them. i was driving silently, the whole car was quite except for farrah and rabia who were sobbing. suddenly raeef's phone rang.

"its saadia guys" he exclaimed somewhat relieved and put the phone on speaker.

"hello saadia habibti where are-"farrah started but a cold and hoarse voice cut her off.

"oh well hello, i'm not saadia, no,no,no nor am i airah so guess who?"

"faaris" i spoke through gritted teeth, i knew it, i recognized his voice.

"oh well hello there zubair, poor you missing your juliet?"

i hit the steering wheel and the car slightly jerked, zafir who was sitting on the passenger seat kept his hand over my arm to calm me down as if right now anything will.

"hate to say this but you know your saadia and airah are with me, and well i am tracking your car down and well what is this you are heading  towards the police, no don't do that otherwise the girls who are held captive are gonna face serious consequences, so zuby you better take a left turn and head home" he spoke again and my blood ran cold.

"zubair take a left and head home please that brute is going to...." rabia shouted and started crying again.

"oh hello there my love, too bad the engagement broke, don't you feel sad my dear rabi?"

"never in a million years, i was blind to fall for a bastard like you" she spoke in a cold voice and from the other line a cold laugh could be heard.

"leave them faaris, or else we will handover the proofs against you to the police, we have already handed the documents of your betting and gambling, leave them or else the drug deals that you are doi-" raeef said but faaris cut him off again.

"i'm well aware of that kid but wanna know a secret? the documents that you gave are burning somewhere right now, you don't know me, you are trying to play with the most venomous snake in the mafia industry and i have my men in the police department too, and now lets head over to the main part of this phone call, shall we?" he asked and i was losing my temper.

"how much do you want faaris?" zafir asked and i could see his face was totally red with anger.

"hahahaha zafir, the cool headed zafir, the most sensible in the lot but here i don't need money habibi"

"then what do you want?" raeef shouted again.

"hey there kid cool and chill, i'm getting to that part"

"so i want all the proofs you have against me along with ali." he said. ali? why ali?

"why do you want ali?" farrah asked.

"oh are you farrah? well you were there that night when your friend hmmm died hahahahaha poor her fate, so i want ali for revenge, revenge for each and every punches and kicks he gave me" he spoke in a cold voice.


"so now folks its almost midnight and i would like to have some sleep, you should too and if by next week friday i don't get what i want consider your sisters and zuby your lover dead, so good night and sweet dreams friends" he yawned and hung up. the car was even more silent, everyone were beyond shock. and so was i. lost and shocked.

saadia 's pov

i could hear the silent snores of airah next to me, she fell asleep after faaris left, the room was dark except a small yellow light at the far end of the room, that light itself was enough to illuminate the whole room. i didn't have my watch nor did i have my mobile, so no idea what the time was, but it probably is midnight, i was wondering what was happening there, was everyone else okay, they must be going crazy searching for us.

i was silently making du'as for allah to help us out of this mess, my head was pounding and my eyes were itching and paining from all the tears, my throat was dry, there was a jug of water next to the bed, thank goodness that brute at least had the courtesy to place some water and left us untied, i gulped down the cold water which soothed my burning throat and i turned towards airah, her head was placed on my lap and i positioned her on the pillow, even when she was sleeping fear was etched on her face. why did we have to face such horrifying fate, why allah why?

i got up and started searching for some way to escape, but much to my disappointment there was a medium size window through which i could see the whole city below me and there were bars on the window, and by the small figure of the cars and lights i could make out we were quite high above the ground.

i returned back and saw airah staring at the wall in front and looked like a lost puppy. i sat beside her and her snapped towards me.

"saadia why did this happen to us? why?" she asked

"i don't know, i don't know what is happening and why, why our fates are playing such stupid games and why it has put us in so much pain but you know only one thing which has kept me going that is my faith in allah(swt), just make duaas and i assure you he'll wipe all of this away just like nothing happened, it will all be a nightmare.

"inshalla" her voice echoed in the room.

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