what the hell?

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i was sitting at a table with my cousins and airah. we all were talking and laughing and were carefree. we totally forgot about faaris. no why am i remembering him. i looked at raeef, after he came to know everything, he had a pissed of face and thank allah zubair was with him, he was taking good care of him but whenever they saw faaris they glared, scowled and almost kicked his butt but good they were controlling themselves. suddenly airah stopped laughing and her body tensed beside me, she was looking at something behind us, i followed her gaze and the monster was coming towards us with zafir and some other friends, those friends were all married to my cousins.

"assalamualaikum ladies"

"walaikumassalam" we all replied back.

"so sana i guess we should leave, its getting late and hana is crying non-stop" omar told this to bhabhi who actually happened to be one of my cousins, complicated right? not to mention they have an apple pie, hana their daughter is just so damn cute.

so one by one all of them left, zafir and that swampy creature stood their talking and i could see the sparks of anger coming from airah's eyes. zafir got a call so he left. faaris turned to us with a smirk.

"long time no see, eh?" he pointed the question towards me.

"so how are you doing saadia, how is your friend er what's her name--"

"don't even take her name from your dirty mouth" airah cut him off.

"oh sweety don't get hyped up, oh i guess you are airah right?"

"whatever you had to guess, you guessed now get lost from here" i told him

"oh really, before leaving why don't we have some fun huh? how does it sound" he said while looking at me and airah with lustful eyes. he came towards us and we backed away, there were still many people and we were in a corner, and then a huge figure came in between us and faaris stopped, it was zubair.

"back off man and learn to show some respect towards your sisters" he said to faaris

"hahahaaahaha very funny man sisters? hahahah" faaris scoffed

"yes sisters, now back off before i do something we both will regret" zubair said through gritted teeth.

someone grabbed faaris by his collar and turned him around. raeef!his eyes blazed with flames of anger and another minute like that i'm pretty sure faaris won't ever have a neck. farrah joined us too and then taking in the surroundings, a scowl appeared on her face and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"what the hell, who are you, leave me you bas****-" faaris struggled to get his collar out of raeef's grasp but raeef tightened his grip and smashed him to the wall.

"what were you talking about fun huh? wanna have fun, have it with me, here enjoy this and have fun" with that raeef punched his arm and stomach.

"faaris, farri where are you?" a female voice came. raeef left him as my cousin rabia appeared around the corner.

"oh here you are- oh hi assalamualaikum" she said in her cheerful voice.

"oh hi babe " faaris said as he looked at rabia. my blood boiled, so did the other's. raeef clenched his jaw. i saw rabia blushing hard, wait what is happening?

when rabia noticed the confused looks on our faces she chuckled and said something that was beyond shocking. "oh guys meet my fiance faaris" no actually shock would be an understatement. our mouths hung open and there were horror expressions on our faces.

"what can't i get married, i know, i know i'm that girl who used to tell that she won't be getting married and all during her teens but guy i'm grown up hehehe" rabia said.

"oh faaris we should leave abu is waiting for you"

"oh sure hun" with that faaris followed rabia with a smirk on his face and he winked at airah. gosh what is happening?

"what the hell" raeef said as he pulled his hair in frustration.

"oh no this can't get any worse can it?" farrah said.

"he is clearly cheating on her and this can't be happening" airah spoke.

airah had horrified expressions on her face

"we can't let this happen, we have to stop this mess and stop faaris's game" i said.

"before it gets too late we should warn her" zubair told us and we nodded in agreement.

whatever stupid game faaris is playing, he has to stop all these, we should do something immediately.

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