sudden disappearence

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we had to do something and break the marriage before we get involved with the police and all, we didn't want our families to be dragged into this. we tried to talk to rabia about it but she didn't believe us, thinking it was a joke she just cracked up instead, and so we did what was right.

raeef was a good hacker, and so he hacked into faaris's all types of social networking sites and we showed rabia the photos in which he was cheating on her, not only that, zubair's sources told us that he was involved into drugs and gambling, worse he used to date a girl almost every day and slept with them, i feel disgusted by even telling all these. rabia regretted the most, then we came to know that it wasn't actually a arrange marriage but rabia fell in love with him. it really hurt me seeing her weep in my arms, i kept consoling her that it was okay and everything would be right but now that the engagement was tomorrow and everyone were busy preparing for this engagement for weeks, she felt ashamed to go tell her parents about this as they had given her the right to choose her husband and trusted her but now she was guilty that she had failed and part of her was scared too because we knew our typical family very well, most of our parents were modern and did not believe in traditional beliefs but there were these some typical old fashioned uncles and aunts who would love to gossip about anything and everything.

because she couldn't tell her parents, zafir and farrah being the eldest among us explained it to our parents, my dad got angry and tried to even inform the police but we didn't have much of an evidences and just claiming that he was the criminal who raped her wasn't sufficient, yes we had proof of his drug deals and everything and that would be enough to send him to prison but he won't get any severe punishment, after what he has done, he deserves to be hanged. astaghfirullah.

for now we told our parents to just call off the engagement and not get involved in any of these matters and so we broke off the engagement. rabia too has joined us because she too wants to send faaris to jail after what he has done to her. now our search for ali began. we went back to our old neighbourhood and searched for him and soon we learnt that shifted to london after that incident but we managed to get his number and after we explained everything to him he agreed to help us and is going to reach ny in a week's time.

we told the police about everything but obviously they were hesitant in believing the rape case but put charges against him anyways, but they did demand strong evidences, and so we told them to wait for a while. we searched the whole warehouse but not a single trace of that night or any clues that would help was there.after a long and exhausted day we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. discussions began. for a minute i felt suspicious about our surroundings that someone was watching us, i shared it with farrah but she just told that it was all those thoughts i was having after the events of today so i just let the topic go.

zafir and zubair were having some sort business talk and raeef was in deep thoughts.

"hey bro whatchu thinkin about?" i asked him.

he sighed and brought out 2 or 3 small recording machines, i had a confused look on my face and thought why he had them.

"sis the police gave me this and told any of us to wear this and go to faaris and consult him about his stupid dealings and everything, just in case in mockery he spills out the incident of that night and so was wondering if he'll actually tell any of the boys, i mean like he knows that you know about it and you were present that night, he'll usually mock you but i don't think i can risk putting you in danger, i discussed it with zubair too but his answer as expected to be was a big fat no." raeef told me.

i was wondering about it and it actually might work. airah suddenly spoke,"then i'll do it! anything to get that bastard in jail and get him hanged, i'll go to him and confront him about it", she had heard everything then. raeef shook his head and muttered a no way.

"but look raeef don't worry there are 2 devices, i can put one and airah can put the other one, we both become the bait and ask him, you guys stay at a distant and hide, if you guys sense danger you immediately come and save us otherwise we will shout some kind of code name and you know it is for help."

everyone at the table now paid attention to our conversation.

"but we can't risk you guys like that, try to understand" zafir said in a stern tone.

"we need to get him in jail, i know but let us think of an alternative method" zubair said concerned, but it looked as if his eyes were begging me not to involve myself into all of this but i could do nothing, i have to take my age old revenge.

"fine take this, we will go to faaris tomorrow" with that raeef handed the devices to us and we tucked them in our jeans pockets safely. i noticed the ice cream corner and let out an excited squeal, i and the girls immediately jumped off our seats and headed towards the dessert cart, there was an arch type door near that area which was dimly lit, maybe storage, but just as i grabbed my raspberry tart, i heard a muffle scream a very light one, the one you can hear only if your near to the person, their was buzz around the restaurant as it was damn crowded, but then i saw farrah and rabia at a distant picking up flavours but where the hell is airah, she was next to me trying the pecan pie, but then i noticed one of airah's yellow flats that she wore today lying upside down on the ground near the edge of the arch doorway, my first instinct was to follow and so i entered the room before everything turned black. i feared, only fear and negativity was going on in my brain before everything turned black!

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