he proposed!

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i was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool, dangling my legs in the cool pool water and sipping some herbal tea, when my dear sister sania decides to interrupt me.

"hey get ready and get your ass moving fast, we have so much shopping to do" the one thing i dearly dreaded over the past week, i have been dragged around by sania and farrah for shopping. well it all happened like this just 2 weeks ago.


as soon as i ring the door bell, it flies open and my parents engulfed me in a huge bear hug, oh how much i missed these. i opened my teary eyes and my parents kissed me on the forehead, as soon as they looked behind me they winced and rushed over to raeef." yes mama i'm fine look" we heard raeef persuading mom from the kitchen, as soon as i stepped in the kitchen, rabia and farrah hugged me tightly, squeezing my dear old life out of me.

"okay guys stop-" i tried but got cut of by farrah

"what stop huh? you know how much worried we were for you, do you have the slightest ides?" she asked then hugged me again. i nodded and broke down on her shoulder, never have i felt so better, we pulled apart and she stuffed a brownie in my mouth.

"now get freshened up, you stink seriously."farrah said as she held the tip of her nose squeezing it, as if i never knew that i stank, because i did and all because of that stupid faaris.

"of course i do do you expect faaris to keep me in a jacuzzi with floral shower gels and hundreds of deodrants surrounding me?" i asked trying to make a joke, farrah's expressions grew sad and solemn.

"i'm so sorry habibti, i didn't mean it like that its just that i, i don't know how to say this, i may never have experienced what you went through but i know that you were in pain, i'm so sorry, you had to go through all that, wish i was in your place instead of you-" i cut her off.

"its okay i was just trying to lighten the atmosphere never knew it will trigger the solemn farrah inside you, and never even imagine to be in my place, never ever, and don't you dare blame yourself for anything, zafir told me you were blaming yourself?" i asked narrowing my eyes at her.

"well yes i was but allahmudullilah, i'm so happy you have returned, and now finally you have come back, now go get ready there will be a party, fast go." she said pushing me towards the staircase.

"okay but party?"

"yes a reunion one, and i want to taste your oreo milkshake and the pecan pie and oh my allah so many other things you have got to make and feed us, i have the ingredients ready, i know you are too tired, but go have an hour rest, maximum, sorry but yes and i hope this one hour of rest will remove your dark circles" she pushed me again and i stumbled a bit before heading up the stairs, finally being home feels so good, i'll just forget the last week like a nightmare.

i entered my room, taking in my surroundings, everything just like it was before i left it, the warm aura welcomed me in, after arranging my clothes i entered the the shower, the bathroom faaris had provided with was just too gross and the shower was broken, the warm water ran down on me soothing my aching muscles and calming my soul, after almost fifteen minutes i got out, put on my sweats and tank top and jumped on my bed pulling my comforters up over my head and snuggling in the warm pillows, i don't understand why some people date, when the best date is right there for you, your warm and cozy bed, oh i loved this. within minutes i dozed off.

 i woke up to farrah shaking me, "rise and shine, its almost been 2 hours and sheesh i had given you only an hour, now get up, party starts at 7, its already 5." i woke up groggily rubbing my eyes, this was the best sleep ever, i got freshened up and wore a pink maxi skirt with a lace and net top pairing it up with a floral hijab, i went down, greeting my parents and my brothers, i went into the kitchen, delicious smell filling my nose, i got to work and made the pecan pie in record time. i prayed maghrib after that and made some extra salaats too.

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