the great news

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woo hooo! everyone shouted. another football game and another evening filled with noise, and the noisiest one was raeef of course. i was eating my plate of croissants when zafir's phone started ringing and when he glanced upon the screen he had a smile on his face. then he got up and left the room. after 5 minutes when i was done with my croissants, i went to keep the plates in the sink and then something caught my attention.

"so are you sure you're ready for the nikkah?" came zafir's voice from the kitchen.

i froze there on the spot and was wondering he was really gonna marry? omg. he was sitting on a bar stool his back to me so he didn't realize i was standing there.

"mmh yeah, i know, i'm going to baba and mama tonight and i'm sure they will be beyond happy. i'm so excited!" zafir said.

i cleared my throat and he was still for a moment before turning around to see me . he had a shocked look on his face. "um i'll talk to you later. okay?" and he hung up.

i stood there with my arms folded a smirk on my face. so big bro when were you going to tell us and now i need an explaination.

i went and sat next to him and there he was fidgeting with his finger. the situation was like i was the cop and he was the guilt criminal who had been caught red handed.

he started to say"um it was like you know...i ..totally fell in love with her!". "with whom?"i asked with a huge smile on my face and though i knew somewhat who it was but i wanted to hear it from him." its actually, please don't get angry, we didn't mean to, it just happened like that." he hesitated a moment before telling the name,"its actually your friend farrah!" finally he blurted out.

i shot and angry look holding the urge to go mad and happy and laugh. when i looked up at him he was scared to death. and then i started laughing and squealing ." stupid why do you think i'll be angry? this is such a great news mashallah" my friend will be my sister that is so great. i jumped up and asked him to come tell the news to the others. as we entered the living room i hugged my mother tightly and gave a girly squeal before sitting down next to her. she was surprised and then asked me" what happened habibti? why so excited all of a sudden?" i looked up at my brother and he had a huge smile on his face.

"mama let zafir explain it to you", everyone's attention turned towards zafir as he nervously stood there. he began,"umm mama baba actually i was planning to marry someone" at this my mom rose from her seat and started to hug my brother, "ya allah, i'm so happy today,inshallah habibi that's great. so who is it? my going to be daughter.".

zafir looked at me and turned towards my mom,"actually its one of saadia's friend". my mom gave a happy squeal,"is it habibti farrah?". everyone looked at her in surprise. i asked her, "mama do i only have 1 friend?

"ya allah habibti no!"


"actually me and razia were talking about getting zafir and farrah married plus I've seen how my boy blushes when he hears her name. now I suppose I've guessed it right? It is farrah, isn't it?"

"Yahoooo bonus" i and sania shouted.

Zafir had tears coming down his cheek and he happily nodded.

"ow man you are a man don't get emotional, and so when do we go to buy the suits and sherwanis?" raeef said.

"Subhanallah, my baby boy has finally grown up", my dad added with a chuckle.

And my brother scowled at him.

My mom was the happiest, "oh my god I can't believe this is happening, I mean allah has blessed me today, I'll go call razia right away" saying this my mom went to the kitchen.

Raeef pounced on my brother and gave him a huge bear hug.

Sania was busy deciding which shop to go to for the best lehangas and I was only thinking about my dearest friend who was going to become my sister in law, inshallah. After 5 minutes my mom returned with a happy smile on her face declaring that we would be going over to farrah's house this Sunday.

I went up to my room and called farrah, she picked up the call after 2 or 3 rings

"salaam hun"

"waalaikumassalam boo"

"so wassup babe"

"hmmm so the bride to be isn't yet aware"

"umm what do you mean?", she asked nervously. I chuckled lightly.

"what do I mean, huh, my brother has gone head over heels for a girl, who happens to be my bestie and now she asks me what I mean?", I said in a mischievous tone.

She started to cough and I just laughed. Though I couldn't see her I knew she was blushing.

"oh dear is my sister in law okay?"

"omg he told you?"

"Yes sweetie we are coming over to see you and fix the date for your fatiha followed by the nikkah and the walima. Omg boo we have so much ahead of us and as my dear brother is joining the business from next week and by the way he looked, I don't think he can wait for too long. So we have very less time for preparation."

I knew she was smiling. There was a knock on the door and in came zafir.

"k boo boo, I'll talk to you later, your future husband is standing near the doorway". We both laughed and zafir glared at me but I could still see the happiness on his face. I hung up and he came and sat on the edge of my bed.

"thank you for everything you've done little sis, without you I couldn't have mustered the courage to go ask for farrah's hand. It's a blessed day and I'm a blessed son, brother, and umm... well fiancée.", zafir said.

"inshallah bro"

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