heart's mission completed

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after 5 years

zubair's pov

i stared at one of the walls of my room, no the wall wasn't blank it was filled with memories and pictures, whose? hers, yes hers, today was the day i last saw her 5 years ago at the hospital, today i had gotten my last hug from her, and oh boy i had been hoping for more in the future but i guess allah had other plans, where did she disappear to? me and her brothers searched almost all the states and beyond, where hadn't we visited, but it was as if she had just disappeared from the face of the earth-

"sir you have a meeting with mr. abu bakr the following week" asif my pa informed me. i nodded at him.

he hesitantly looked at me "um but not only that we have to attend the business conference held in lebanon, im beirut-lebanon, mr. abu bakr has been expecting you to meet over there, there will be other business men and deligates, so sir shall i start preparing the presentation" lebanon, sigh, i'm already so darn tired of travelling here and there that honestly i had no energy in me but still i couldn't neglect my responsibilities, i had already visited lebanon in search of saadia but never saw her, everything doesn't go as desired now does it?

"hmm start it off and show me, i'll give it some final touch ups if required"

"okay sir, and um mami is calling you down for dinner"

"tell her that i'm in no mood-

"but i insist" came raeef's voice from the door way, asif and him exchanged salams and asif left.

"was going to the store to buy rafa a tiara for her birthday, so thought to drop by" raeef said as he sat across me on the bed.i nodded my head still staring at the pictures.

"on this night was when i last saw her" raeef said.

"honestly where do you think she would have gone?" i asked

"well i have no idea if i had known that she would do this i would have been guarding the house" tears threatened to spring out of his eyes, we hugged each other and then raeef got up.

"come on bro i know you are in no mood to eat but no one can resist the biryani your mum makes" he was trying to lighten up the mood and i was glad for it



"we have currently arrived at beirut-rafic hariri international airport and thankyou for flying with us" the robotic voice filled the quite atmosphere with business aura lingering around in the business class.

i got of the jet and and stepped in the limousine which would drive us to the hotel where the conference was to be held, i stepped inside the business suite provided to me and after some refreshments and shower i made my way to the business conference, and saw other business men hurriedly scurrying inside the huge hall, as i entered asif lead me to my seat, raeef had also tagged along but he wasn't here for business but to have tour of this place, but currently he was busy snoring in his suite which was adjacent to mine. after a few deals made and share markets and the condition of the current markets discussed the meeting ended, i sighed in relief and was glad to come out of the room satisfied, i reached my suite but thought of checking on raeef, as expected that guy was sprawled over the couch lazily watching a football match, guess even engineers and football players need a break, yes not only was he an engineer but he did play football occasionally.

"hey sup'"

"walaikumsalam to you too" i replied, he groaned.

"oops sorry" i laughed.

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