trust and leave the rest to allah

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zubair pov

today was wednesday, two more days left. now we had a plan too, we had informed the police nonetheless, actually to a good friend of zafir whom we could trust and we also warned him of faaris's warning, after that we got a call to meet the fbi, we came to know that there were many undercover cops who were secretly dealing with his case and so as we knew faaris closely, we were let onto this case. raeef had already called faaris that we were ready to handover the proofs and ali , but we had something else on mind.

saadia's pov

we were suffering here, who won't? i was feeling horrible without a shower, seeing the crucial condition we are in, i should probably forget about it. the door knob turned and in came faaris's stupid bobby head, he was looking happy and like a girl he twirled around and hopped next to airah who suddenly jerked up and came to my side, as i was on the edge, i lost balance and fell down. faaris came and crouched down next to me.

"oh poor girl are you hurt? don't worry you'll be released soon" he whispered to me as if it was some secret he didn't wanna share with airah...but wait what he is releasing us.

"y-you are releasing us?" i asked, i wanted to dance around squealing.

"yes yes, your family gave up and is handing over the proofs along with ali"he said. ali? oh no!

"no not ali please don't do this" airah screeched.

he walked over to the doorway and was out when he poked his head inside and said something unexpected that turned our worlds upside down.

"by the way saadia you'll be released but your cousin will be held, apparently because i've started to like her" with that he locked the door and went away.what the hell just happened? i turned my head to look at airah and saw her there with her mouth hanging open and eyes the size of dinner plates and then i got up and when i shook her she fainted. i am supposed to be on cloud nine but now i don't know, i am completely blank. afterhalf an hour or so i sighed of relief when airah regained her consciousness, she looked at me for a few minutes and then hopped off the bed and headed over to the corner of the room and picked up the screw driver.

"sorry saadia i'm so sorry" with that she was about to stab that stupid thing on her wrists when i swiftly moved across the room and took it away from her throwing it away. she burst into tears and fell on her knees, i crouched down and and wrapped an arm around her.

"astaghfirullah don't ever do anything like that, trust alla-"i started but she harshly cut me off.

"yeah trust allah, trust allah, and what is he doing huh? i don't trust him anymore, no no more after the mess he has created my life into" and then she started sobbing again.

"shush don't let shaytaan take over you remember, he can't burden a soul more than it can bear? trust him and make du'aa to him with all your heart and he will always be by your side, silly do you think i'll leave you like this, if he won't release you, i won't release myself." she looked at me and started crying on my already wet shoulder. how our lives had taken a unexpected turn, i was still in a hazy daze and pinched myself from time to time to see if this is some sort of nightmare, but where is our luck, unfortunately it is solid reality, whatever is happening. whatever happens, no matter what, i know that allah is by my side and i have given my trust into his hand along with hope, the only two things that remain with me. i'll pray to him till my last breath and never give up. i know he is there protecting us, i trust allah i trust him.

zubair's pov

our plan is set for tomorrow night, basically we take the proofs and an agent and ali, no one except faaris knows ali so once they reach faaris, the agents will work their way and we too will go inside secretly through another staircase which leads to a small staircase which leads up to balcony, and while everyone is distracted and if there are any guards at their door or anywhere we spray pepper spray and cover their mouths and tie them up. we reach and save them. now this is the plan lets see how well it goes, inshallah i trust the almighty, i know it will go well.

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