he rescued me

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above a picture of saadia's dress on farrah's engagement.

"farrah no please no! stop it"i was trying to defend myself from the water attacks on me to wake me up. i know i know she was probably taking revenge but she literally emptied half a bucket of water on me.

"how do you feel babe?"she asked and laughed.

"oh gosh please stop it"

"then wake up, butthead how can you forget its my fatiha today and you're supposed to help me out with the dress and make up"

then it struck me, it was farrah and zafir's fatiha today. i shot up like a bullet on the bed and quickly gave farrah a bone crushing hug.

"oh my how can i forget? i'll just get ready quickly and i'll help you get ready" i told farrah. she nodded and went back  down. i slipped into my new coral color anarkali and went down to help farrah.

her house was buzzing with excitement and activities. someone is frying these and those, someone wants a safety pin, some one lost a earring and so on. after helping out farrah and her mom, i headed towards my home. our house was just 2 km from her's, so i thought of walking to my house instead anyone dropping me off.

i was walking down the street with beautiful trees around, though it was a bit windy today but the sun was shining brightly, making it the perfect weather. suddenly i saw a car pull up behind me. i ignored it and started walking faster. but then suddenly it stopped near me. from the passenger seat a guy came out. he didn't look like a gentleman at all. nah no not a bit. sensing danger i walked as fast as possible, more like i was running but the guy was faster than me, he came in front of me blocking my path. i slowly backed away and thought of running to the nearest house but too late, this jerk grabbed my wrist harshly and i winced in pain. the next moment i was standing against the wall and i didn't know what to do.

"running away from me babe? eh"

"HELP M---"I tried to say but before i could finish he put a tape on my mouth.

oh no this is gonna be bad, i tried my kicking skills but failed. i recited whatever  i could remember of the quran and somewhat i knew maybe this was going to be the end of me. tears streamed down my cheeks as they pulled me towards their car. ya allah help me please.....my thoughts were interrupted when i heard a deep male voice and the screeching sound of tyres on the road fill the surroundings.

"hey leave her alone" i saw the person i hated the most but at this moment i was more than relieved to see him.

"who are you jerk?" says the stupid jerk

"that doesn't really matter. just leave her alone or else--"

"or else what? so you poop you're saying us to leave her alone?huh?"

"yes right at this moment" with this he punched the jerk on his face as soon as his grip loosened i pulled my wrist away and opened the stupid tape stuck on my lips. the other jerk was chasing us so i ran to his car and he started driving away. i sighed in relief and breathed heavily. he gave me a bottle of water and i gulped it down greedily.

"you okay?"he asked.

"allahmudullilah i'm good, thanks a bunch for saving me"

we reached my house a few blocks away and i got out of the car, thanking him once more and rushing into my house, brushing past all the guests i went up to my room. i thought today was my last day but allah sent someone at the right time, i was glad to see him than i have ever before. i splashed some cold water on my face and loosened my hijab. i lay on my bed just like that trying to cool down my nerves. 

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