sequel (everything wrong with miss.right)

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well here as promised is the sequel, this sequel is common to both 'a long way and 'our qadr'.

everything wrong with miss. right

he walks with gentle strides, she hangs down the tree upside down

his steps and thinking are calculated, what is she smart? sassy? crazy? yes that must be it.

he drinks his hot black coffee in small sips, she? has anyone seen my iced caramel macchiato? my cappuccinos, latte, mocha? no? argh someone please return me my life.

he plays xbox whenever he gets time, she? well i enjoy real football more than gaming stations.

he is bitter, she is sweet

he grumbles, she whines.

he can be arrogant, and bossy at times, she? she is irritating and fussy at times.

just a simple ' we cannot be friends' changed her, what changed him? regret for sure.

now every story needs a twist, doesn't it? so here you go, what happens when four people, two crazy best friends and two arrogant brothers are assigned to do a project, while doing this project will they hate each other, avoid and ignore or is there a chance for them to fall for each other?

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