unfortunate encounter

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soft music played in the background. i was pinning my hijab properly as it had loosened a bit. today was the walima and i was extremely excited, finally yes finally farrah's gonna come with us, i can understand her pain and i somehow know i too have to go through that one day, inshallah but can't imagine parting with my family. raeef came and plopped himself on the empty seat next to me. i regret this completely, i should have kept something on the seat. now he'll irritate me uff! yesterday when he saw me with the orchids his first instinct was to smirk.idiot! and when my mum asked who gave it and why, i just told her it was a friend but stubborn raeef didn't buy that answer and kept bugging me till i blurted out his name and now he'll tease the hell out of me.

"so sistha how're youuuuu doing"he dragged the 'you' word.

"fine, inshallah"

"just fine?not good? should i call HIM?" he stressed on the word 'him' and i knew who he exactly meant.

"no thanks, let me go check on farrah" with that i took my purse and stood up to leave for the stage. farrah looked beautiful in her red and blue lehenga and the hall decorations too were beautiful with cream and blue combination. i was wearing a blue and green lehenga myself. farrah asked me to adjust her veil so i did when i saw him coming up to the stage he came near us and i don't know why my breath was uneven. he was wearing a blue kurta with green pajamas. raeef idiot it was his idea no doubt.

"once more mubarako bhabhi"

"please don't call me bhabhi, i'm younger to you"

"still zafir is like an older brother so...."

before he could complete my idiotic brother came and gave zubair a tight hug. ughh i'm so dead, i have to leave. i turned to leave but raeef stopped me.

"hey saadia actually i and zafir will be leaving to pick up something so can you take zubair to omar and the others please."

"can i come with you" zubair asked raeef.

"actually umm no i mean my cousins wanted to meet you- you know my cousin omar is a business man so just wanted to ask you some questions and besides it'll take only like 15mins for us to go and come back so saadia take him to omar" what! omar was a business man, as far as i know he was a neurologist. what the heck, before i could say something raeef left.

"so um can you take me to your cousin named omar?" zubair asked and i nodded leading him down the stage towards another hall where i knew my cousins were having a gala time. i looked back and saw raeef smirking and zafir too wore a mischievous smile. what the actual heck. i lead him through the crowd not less not much as zafir and farrah wanted a light walima. when we were outside and walking down the aisle to the other hall my scarf got stuck on the handle of one of the doors, oh dear, i regret wearing a long scarf and curse my pins i wore that day it was all so loose and my scarf just came off exposing my long brown hair, i didn't wear a bun or a pony that day because my hair was wet and my scarf was long enough to cover them but here i am, my hairs exposed to a non-mehram. ya allah.

"oh no" i tried to pull my scarf but it was stuck ugh i hated this.

to my surprise zubair slowly unwound the thread off the handle and slowly it came off of the handle. i quickly wore the scarf though still some of my locks were coming out because the scarf was not placed properly.

once we reached the door to the hall, i stopped and pointed at the door, too embarrassed to speak and without looking at him ran to washroom, tying my hair in a bun and adjusted my hijab and make-up. my face was totally red and my cheeks were emitting heat.

zubair's pov

today was the walima, raeef had asked me to wear blue and green as it was the color code, but as i walked in no one was wearing green or blue! strange i thought. i spotted saadia on the stage and that's when i realized why raeef had asked me to wear blue and green, ya allah i'm gonna murder that little brat.

so here i am walking with saadia to the hall where her r cousins were there, raeef i'm so gonna kill you , i knew omar quite well and we were good friends, i guess raeef didn't know that. i knew that omar wasn't a business man but he was a neurologist, this was just one of the crazy plans of raeef to leave me alone with saadia. suddenly her scarf got stuck and before i knew her hair was exposed, it was long and brown, beautiful but when i realized what was happening, i quickly lowered my gaze.

"oh no" came her voice, i could see her struggling to get that scarf out so i quickly unwound the thread and it came off.good. she quickly adjusted her hijab and continued to walk then came to a sudden halt and pointed towards a door.i guess she was just too embarrassed, because she had shown her hair to a non- mehram.

saadia's pov

as i came out of the washroom, and was heading towards the hall where my cousins were there knowing that zubair would also be there but it was okay as long as i avoided him. i pushed open the door and the sound of bollywood movie song came in full blast. i covered my ears and headed to where airah, shazia and sania were seated along with some of my friends and cousins, on my way i saw the last person i wanted to see on earth, dancing to the beat, i was filled with rage, who the hell invited him, again i remembered that only i and him knew about what happened six years ago, no one knew about it, i didn't wanted to see his face ever again so i had gone abroad to study, because at that time this place contained frightful memories and nightmares. he saw me and shivers ran down my spine, i never wanted to see him ever again, i never wanted to see faaris again. it brought back only bad memories even at that good time.

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