hope and chance is all we need!

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i don't know when i just dozed off, but i certainly did, when i got up the sky was still dark a little bit lighter though and i thought maybe its time for fajr and it was confirmed when i heard the faint azhan coming from somewhere, i got up ignoring the throbbing pain in my head and dragged the the blanket i had found which was torn and tattered and was lying in a corner. oh shit i couldn't pray, i can't do wudu, the water in the jug won't suffice and so i sat there on the bed and huffed in annoyance, there was no sand either, making it impossible to make dry ablution as well, just great but at this time i couldn't do anything so i just made du'aa, du'aa which i was making since yesterday and prayed to allah with all my heart and letting the tears flow slowly, i'm surprised actually that there are tears coming out, at one point i thought that i had cried so much that the amount of salt water was over and blood was coming but no they were plain tears, just so amazing.

airah got up next to me, she was in a far worse condition, her hijab was here and there and her bird's nest was peeking out, yeah that's her hair, her cheeks felt like had the tear marks and drool was coming out of her mouth, i would've laughed but considering the situation we are in, laugh is like a distant dream. i'm quite impressed by our biological clocks, no matter how much of a heavy sleeper i am and airah is also a heavy sleeper, in fact we are known as the sleeping beauty of our family, we somehow or the other manage to wake up at fajr.

we sat their, it wasn't an awkward silence nor was it comforting, some where hanging in between.suddenly airah spoke.

"habibti our lives are like an omlette a splattered one which is burning on a pan and who is frying us?" she let out a humourless laugh and continued," faaris is frying them, our fate is the fire we are burning with and our luck seems to pour more oil on it, what do ya say, heh?" i knew right now she wasn't in her right mind, though i couldn't disagree with her 'our lives being an omlette theory'. i just wrapped an arm around her and told her to go back to sleep.

slowly the colors of the sky began to change, changing to lighter shades of blue and pink, i usually enjoyed this but today was far from that word. i couldn't bare it anymore and so i just banged my head on the wall until a pain shoots through my brain and everything blacks out.

i don't know when i wake up but i do and see airah pacing around the room as if she is searching for something.

"hey what are you searching for?" i ask in a raspy voice and drink the water that is remaining in the jug.

"for a way to escape" she replies and 'escape' that is not possible, literally never possible.

"habibti i have already done that and searched for multiple ways of escaping, but found none, the windows have grills and we are not in some sort of basement unlike movies where there is some or the other way to escape like a secret tunnel or breaking the locks"

"did your multiple ways include this?" she questioned me as she held a screw driver and tried to unscrew the screws from the window which surprisingly came off.  but my hopes where gone as soon as they came when i remembered the height.

"airah after we manage to take off the grills also, just notice the height we are at, and i'm not a maniac to suicide."

"actually you are right we are going to die anyways thanks for the lovely reminder, there is no use trying and crying, just leave it to allah, if he decides for us to die then we will return to him and if he decides for us to live then i assure you i'll be the first to go back home and marry an orangutan and have chimpanzees for babies." she snapped and huffed. wow marrying an orangutan. i wonder if she needs a psychiatric treatment, well even i do.

then suddenly the door opened revealing the gorilla, yes it is faaris. he still has that never ending/leaving smirk of his on his idiotic face which i completely despise.

"ah my lovelies have woken up, you know i'm not that mean and rude, i am actually very considerate" he spoke in his filthy voice and then shouted to bring food. two giant men placed two trays in front of us. 

"enjoy your breakfast and other meals here till your family hands over the things i need or till you..........die, the choice is theirs, oh i should remind them of the time again today, you know time is running by, tick-tock, tick-tock....." he said as he left the room. 

"that fellow is surely a crack head, diffused brain he has" airah exclaimed as she looked at the door glaring at it. i looked down at the trays, there were two plates each consisting of an omlette and two pan cakes cut in a monkey shape, a note was taped to the trays.

'food for two female monkeys'

"that guy is surely a crack head and our fates are cracked too!" i muttered.

zubairs pov

"we should just hand him the proofs" farrah exclaimed angrily

"yeah we will but what about him?" raeef said pointing at ali who luckily got a flight quickly after we told about the kidnapping of airah and saadia and now he was seated on a stool at the far end of the living room in his own thoughts. raeef, zafir and farrah were arguing and thinking of ways to save them and here i was sitting like a lost puppy on a lost island, i could feel my insides churn and whirl and my brain was a mess. my insides were empty and i probably look like a freaking ghost right now, i am too weak to even speak let alone have an argument. it has been nearly three days since they were kidnapped and every single day he would remind us about the time running out. he was a crack head for sure and everytime i would hear his voice i would just smash the phone that's how i smashed raeef's phone once and my new phone too, but now nothing matters.

"guys i'll just go to him, and handover the proof along with me, so atleast they can come back, its fair enough, two lives are better than one," ali stated in an emotionless voice.

"no way ali we have to find some other way out of this, i know faaris too well, that guy is never to his words, i doubt if he will return them, we need to find another way" zafir said. even i knew faaris will never do that, i already had a feeling like zafir, whether he will actually return them, and i somehow knew he won't.

"him returning them is just a hope but a plan and a way to save them is a chance" raeef's voice echoed in the large living room and all head snaps towards him. 

"right now i just hope they come back and if there are any chances of saving them and the proofs as well as ali then we should give it a go" raeef said and indeed we need to just have that chance at the right time and place, as for place faaris will tell us the day we decide to give the things he requires.


assalamualaikum to all my lovely readers, sincerely thankyou for reading my story, i know its not that good but i still hope that you all will like it as much as i like to write this story.

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