awkward situation

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"omg yes yess yes we have a meeting today" my friend samantha exclaimed.

"yeah so?" another friend of mine deeba asked her.

"well i can at least get to stare at his face and discuss stuff"

"but sammy, ron is in another department, today the meeting is for the design department" rida spoke this time.

"no you idiot i'm talking about our boss zubair...uff isn't he hot" sammy said.

"yeah yeah he is the reason for global warming" and the table erupted in laughter.

"whatever"sammy casually shrugged it off.

"wait till i go tell ron about your betrayal" deeba teased her.

"dude zubair is hot but my hub is my hottie , he is the hottest" she sighed dramatically and again the table erupted with laughter.

i was sitting at a table in the cafe with my friends deeba, rida, zara and samantha aka sammy. farrah would join us usually but as she won't come to office till her whole marriage stuff is settled she wasn't there. i was sipping my coffee mentally preparing for the presentation i had today, thank god it had to be presented in pairs and rida would be helping with it.

soon it was 8:45 and we returned to our department preparing for the presentation. it was 9:00 am and i was sitting at the conference room. i was waiting for rida and others. you see i like being punctual like my mum and i came early to overcome my nervousness. i heard footsteps, ahh finally! someone. i looked up at the door to find zubair. he flashed me his million dollar smile with an assalamualaikum, i replied back with a small smile.

"so aren't you early, i mean there are still 15 mins left for the meeting to start" he started.

"yeah um actually mentally preparing myself for the presentation"

"are you nervous?"

"kind of"

"hmm don't be, its a simple meeting with rough discussions, need not worry. you see i don't like formal meetings where my employees will be all nervous and won't interact with each other properly, so relax"


"ur welcome"

his words actually helped, you see i don't hate him that much as i used to before, but don't get me wrong i don't like him either.

i looked up to find him standing near the glass wall, staring down at the amazing view of the city. for the first time i was checking him out. he wore a blue blazer with white shirt and dark blue jeans. he was kind of informal unlike the previous ceo, his dad who was formal and strict. but once you get to know him, he would treat you like family. he turned around and i lowered my gaze. astaghfirullah.

"so checking me out huh?" he said with a teasing tone. this idiot.

"no, i would rather check out a donkey than you"

"its okay, you see many people aren't fortunate enough to acquire looks like me" he said, wait was he flirting? first raeef and his annoying fantasies about me and zubair and now zubair himself. astaghfirullah ! uff! uff!uff! i huffed in irritation.

"its normal human nature" he said and i glared at him.

he approached me and bent down. i don't know what got over me but i got lost in those brown eyes. his breath fanned my cheeks, he whispered in my ears,"its okay hun i understand"my cheeks and ears burned and i'm pretty sure i looked like a tomato, there were butterflies fluttering in my stomach, there was global warming going on in the room despite of the a/c and wait what hun? what just happened? what did he do?

he walked back and leaned on his desk with a smirk on his face clearly observing my expressions. there were still 10 mins left for the meeting, i got up and rushed to the washroom. still shocked with what happened inside.

the meeting went okay with me not looking up at him. later when i was walking back to my car in the evening. i heard someone calling my name. i turned around to see zubair walking towards me.

"hey i'm sorry about today morning, i don't know what got over me, i'm totally insane sorry" he did have an apologetic face and he was actually apologizing. i felt sorry and thought of forgiving him.

"its okay" i said with an assuring smile.

he gave me a bouquet of orchids, they looked fresh and beautiful. he started again" i'm sorry, please accept these as an apology and i hope you like orchids" i thought of teasing him and pretended to be disgusted by them " actually i'm allergic to orchids" he looked hurt and then i burst out laughing at his expressions."orchids are my fav, and they are beautiful mashallah thanks" he gave me a warm smile and i returned the gesture with a smile.

there was awkward silence and then he started " so um see you tomorrow at the walima then"

"yeah bye"

"good bye and take care"



with that i sat in my car and placed the orchids on the passenger seat and made my way to home. he wasn't that bad after all. there was a small smile playing on my lips and i felt good after the exhausting day.

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