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okay so this author's note is going to be about another of my book called 'rough hearts' i have written three chapters until now, but do check it out! please!thanks for all the reads and votes and it would be great if you would comment every now and then, so here is the description of 'rough hearts'-

maira abdul-who is she?a girl any other girl would want to be, she has got everything from a-z, a loving family, a good job, an older brother and sister everyone would want, then what could go wrong in her life, go on ask her.

"the only thing that was and is wrong in my life, is you, zayan kareem, you"

zayan kareem- who is he?a boy any other boy would want to be, got everything he wanted since childhood, he is basically every parents' what do you say, ahh dream child, an over protective brother too! he has been labeled with perfection then what could go wrong with him?

"the feelings are mutual maira abdul!"

meet maira your typical 24 year old, her life had always been ups and down and everything mostly wrong, but as she says her biggest mistake in her life was and is zayan kareem.like every other couple, they too had an unknown past together, but have forgotten each other, will they be able to remember or will they not continue their married life together, due to some circumstances.

read on to find about their story!

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