food fight!

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"good morning booo", i shouted and tickled farrah.

"what the hell man, let me sleep" she groaned and covered her face with her dohar . i pulled the dohar and threw it on the floor and sprinkled some ice cold water on her face.

she woke up  startled and there she was sitting shocked and i laughed my heart out. it was eight in the morning and farrah the lazy bum was was still asleep. umm fadil(farrah's mom) had called me to help farrah to buy clothes and jewelleries as  she was the only daughter and her cousins lived far away who would only come on her fatiha and stay till her nikkah and walima.

Last Sunday both the families met for lunch and they decided that the fatiha would be on Friday next week and nikkah, two weeks after the fatiha.

Farrah won't come to office till her walima is done, that leaves me alone with all the other girls who are friendly but no one can be compared to farrah. Today was Saturday and it was a merry morning. Farrah was dozing in her sitting posture so I pushed her off the bed. She walked slowly to the shower and after she was ready we went downstairs where sania and another friend of ours, mahreen was waiting for us. We greeted each other and for a while debated where we would go to shop her dress. Finally, we decided to check out bridal garden.

We reached the place within half an hour and chose a beautiful dress for farrah for her fatiha and walima. Her wedding dress would be brought by her grandmom from dubai. As we were the bridesmaid, we too chose the dresses for the events.

We did the jewellery shopping and as it was already lunch time and there were rats who were playing football in our stomachs we decided to eat at hard rock café. We placed our orders and as we waited for it to come, we spoke about random topics and then suddenly I saw farrah blushing. I followed her gaze and looked behind me, oh god my stupid brother zafir was standing and smiling at us and then I saw raeef enter the café with, oh great today is ruined yet again. Our very stupid boss entered the café following raeef.

Zafir walked up to our table and the rest two followed him. Zafir was intently looking at farrah and another minute like that it would be hard differentiating between a tomato and farrah. I glared at zafir and he immediately lowered his gaze. Nonetheless they took the table on our right and placed their orders.

Shit where were my manners, I forgot to greet them.

"assalumualaikum" I told and the rest of the girls followed.

The boys greeted us back and I asked them their purpose to come. They too had come for the wedding shopping.

"first we were planning to go to another café, but thank god we came to this one right zafir and zubair? Raeef said with a mischievous tone. Both of them choked on their coffees.

"ouch, why the hell did you guys hit me?"

"because you're a embarrassment creator machine" zubair said.

"I had already warned you zubair, that we shouldn't be bringing raeef with us, and now look" zafir said.

"hey" raeef said a bit offended.

I could understand why zafir would feel embarrassed but zubair......why would he feel like that. However my train of thoughts was interrupted when I heard a loud 'bang' and ' splosh' from the table on our left.

Before we knew it the whole café was covered with food. I saw an old lady throwing her sandwich on a teenage boy and he defended himself and threw the sandwich on raeef's head. Raeef took his chocolate cake and threw it on zubair who threw his blueberry custard on zafir. Zafir was no less and he threw his half eaten ice cream on farrah and in turn farrah smashed her baked potato on my face.

Why would I stop, I always crave for fun, I grabbed the mayonnaise and threw it on mahreen and poor sania was already covered with her chocolate milkshake. Before I knew it raeef dropped grilled chicken on my head and I splashed my lemonade on his face.

I saw zubair , zafir and a group of teenagers throwing food on each other. I couldn't see properly but managed to throw my pizza on farrah and sania. We laughed as we saw raeef licking away the frosting on his cheeks.

We had loads of fun, and this game continued for almost half an hour and at the end the management and the whole café was covered with food. I felt sad for the café and the amount of food wasted. Astaghfirullah, I'm sorry god to waste so much food and then I realized that there were so many hungry children around the world who don't fight with food but they fight for food.

I felt awfully sad and paid extra money for the loss of food and everyone did the same.

Whatever it is, it was a happy day and it wasn't ruined because of our stupid boss.

I was sitting in the living room watching the fault in our stars and was sipping my chamomile tea, when raeef came and sat next to me. He had a mischievous smile on his lips and I gave him a suspicious look.

"what is it little bro?"

"nothing much big sissy, its just that......wait should I tell you or no let it be. I've promised someone. Leave its nothing."

"when have you managed to keep any secrets or promises tell me?"

"I haven't but this time I'll try to", he shrugged and gave me chesire cat look.

This boy was truly a pain in the neck. Arghhhh, he got up and hopped away.

There was something important that he was hiding and I'm going to find out.

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