i need reasons

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darkness, darkness is all i could see, i was still suffering nausea and my arms and legs hurt like hell. i tried to stretch my arms and legs but they wouldn't budge from their current position, i was tied up, i slowly tried to squirm around to try and feel where i was and felt like i was atop something soft and fluffy. i tried to remember what happened, and then everything came flashing, dinner, dessert, muffled screams, yellow shoe and airah, ya allah where is she, is she okay? but first of all where am i?

then i heard creaking sounds and the door opened, letting the light from outside invade the room, and then the room lights turned on, i blinked few times before adjusting my sight and then with wide eyes i saw the last person i wanted to see on the earth- faaris! no doubt he had kidnapped me and airah. he came closer to the bed and i backed to a corner.

"oh sweety running away from me huh?" he said 

"what the hell where am i, where is airah, and what is happening" i shouted at him.

"mhmm quite feisty, i like it, but don't you think honey you are a bit too curious, so let me tell you this sweet heart, better keep your voice low and don't ask questions otherwise remember this much that your cousin what's her name again- hmmm airah, will have to face serious consequences" he said in his stupid voice.

"where is she and dare you do anything to her otherwise....."

"otherwise what? you'll get me arrested, oh my god i'm so scared." he said sarcastically and laughed a evil laugh.

"why have you kidnapped us?"

"well, well you and i both know the reason, mostly to threaten your beloved brothers and your lover, well if you don't know zubair loves you by the way, poor fella, you should have seen his face, when you were missing, haahahahaha!" it took a while for me to register his words, what he loves me? my mind was already a whirlwind and to addition to that this is something like tornadoes going on in my brain and i'm dumbfounded. when i didn't speak farris continued.

"hmmmmm so you see originally i only intended to kidnap your dear cousin airah, but the little sherlock holmes you are you risked yourself and followed us so we couldn't help but kidnap you, good our plan is going to have double effect! ta da doom!" he said while he fingered the loose strand of my hijab.

"let us go if you fear allah!" i spoke through gritted teeth.

"that my dear is not possible"  he spoke and laughed again.

"what have you done to airah, how is she?" i asked fearing the answer.

"well she woke up an hour before you and right now she is in the next room screaming and sobbing, feistiness runs in your blood doesn't it?"

"can i please see her please, i beg of you" i cried.

"aah now stop it, i can't see lovely women like you people begging and crying but i'm not that merciless you know?" he said and shouted orders to his men. " robert bring her here". after a few minutes airah came in, her hands tied. i was over the moon to see her safe. she rushed in and looped her tied hands around my neck.

"oh habibti i'm so glad to see you" she started sobbing.

"aah now both of you cut the drama and listen to me, either you die or live by the next week, you'll be held captive or freed, and the decision is all your family's," he spoke again." they will either save you by handing me over all the witnesses against me along with ali or else they will kill you by doing none and i will just escape the country and go underworld for a few years, and just for your information, if they try to report anything to the police, i have my men in that department too, they will just risk your lives."

"why do you want ali?" airah asked in a broken voice. i knew she had a crush on him but she never brought it up because he liked zaida, but i knew it still hurt her.

"haahahaahah revenge for the punches he gave me and not to forget the kicks too"

"w-what j-just b-b-because of t-hath" her voice broke and she started crying again. he just laughed and left the room.

die, captive?they want ali? million questions were running in my mind and on top of that zubair loved me was a complete shock but then again faaris might be just joking but why would he and in the past month my brothers tried to drop many hints, while i tried to ignore them i knew it was all true and maybe, i guess somewhere at the bottom of my heart i love him too, i know i too have feelings developing for him and i need to control them before it gets dangerously strong! tears streamed down my cheeks for the mess i'm in, i need reasons ya allah why? why only to us, we were a happy family with more than asked for but why does fate play such fatal games, i need reasons!

zubairs pov

"hey farrah habibti what happened?" zafir asked from next to me. i saw their faces pale.

"z-zafir where are saadia and airah?" she asked zafir.

"huh? bhabhi i thought they were with you and rabia" raeef asked, i furrowed my eyebrows.

"n-no they aren't with us, we thought they might have returned" rabia stammered

"don't panick maybe they have gone to the washroo-" zafir started but only to be cut off by farah.

"no no we checked the washroom, we called them like about a dozen of times, none of them are picking up, zafir i'm scared" farrah looked like she was going to cry. zafir hugged her and calmed her down.

"its okay habibti maybe they have gone out to take fresh air?" zafir asked again but i knew he was also slightly worried, raeef looked like he was going to have a panick attack and i was drowned in a sea of worries.

"yeah fresh air without a shoe, and by dropping their watch?" rabia held up a shoe and a watch, that is saadia's watch and now my fears came true.

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